It is a miracle I made it out of "America's Mental Health Care Genocide Center" in Houston, Texas, where I was brutally tortured by psychiatrists, in order to tell my story!-Harold Mandel, MD

Friday, November 16, 2007


Revised Sunday June 17, 2018  

Due to the collusion of many cops, FBI agents, CIA agents, and State Department officials who were involved in masterminding a brutal psychiatric abuse case over 20 years ago in Texas the entire U.S. government has gone overboard with brutal abuses and filthy lies in covering up the truth about this case. The cops and US feds involved got carried away with themselves in retaliating against me when I was just a young physician by turning the very same type of psychiatric abuses as I have spent a lifetime fighting to wipe out against me partially because I lost my temper in dealing with the hypocrisy of the American psychiatrists in dealing with human rights issues and I set up appointments with several Soviet government officials during the Gorbachev era of perestroika when the Cold War was just coming to an end to talk about the hypocrisy of the United States in dealing with mental health care human rights.
I discussed why the American psychiatrists had no right to isolate the Russian psychiatrists with accusations of massive human rights violations in mental health care when in fact the American psychiatrists were doing the exact same things they accused the Soviet psychiatrists of on a daily basis. I took this approach of direct contacts with the Soviets in the pre-Internet era due to my feelings something dramatic had to be done to stop the snowballing abuses I began to see were beginning to be directed even against me by my own colleagues and the U.S. government in retaliation for my insistence that everyone in the hospitals and clinics should be dealing with the psychiatric patients like human beings instead of like caged wild animals with no rights. I was also justifiably very critical of how poor the education in medical school was with massive cheating scandals and abusive clinical rotations where the focus was on scut work instead of learning to practice medicine.

I am also told the FBI, police, and American politicians, right up to the White House, insist, as an aside from unconstitutional surveillance and responses to literal satellite drone stalking and electromagnetic zappings into my brains, that I have threatened the lives of VIPs and other people over the years. This accusation is absolutely not true and has been based on words and phrases intentionally taken out of context and misunderstood. In fact I was questioned about this matter by the U.S. Secret Service on several occasions and I told them the absolute truth when I said I never threatened the lives of any Presidents of the United States or anyone else for that matter and I do not and never had any intent to hurt anyone including myself.

As an honor student and psychology major at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania who was also given honors in my required clinical work in psychiatry in medical school I was at first planning to become a psychiatrist until my colleagues turned the system on me and I saw for the first time from the other side of the line just how unethical, cruel, brutal and incompetent the psychiatric system really is. I was lured to Houston, Texas during the Christmas Holiday season in 1989 by a sadistic South African psychiatrist, Dr Theodore Pearlman, and his friend, a sadistic radiologist, Dr Jack Edeiken, both of whom had a line on what I was up to from the police and who wanted my mental health care reform initiatives permanently crushed.

My family’s own neighbors when I was growing up who were I am told jealous of my achievements in life and angered that I had never dated their daughter, Karen, helped to set up this torture case. Early one day at that time I knocked on Irv and Lee's door to ask if they knew where my parents were. I had been overseas traveling and looking into professional and business opportunities and came back to the country to visit my parents. Irv and Lee, who along with Karen were Zionists and whom I was to discover the hard way had a thing about me for having been converting away from Judaism one step at a time as I became more and more involved with non-Jewish women over the years, invited me into their home. They told me my parents were fishing in the Florida Keys and asked me to stay at their home overnight. Karen was finishing up her college years at the University of Syracuse at about that time, which not so mysteriously has joined a deadly blacklist of my professional interests in New York state where I am a licensed physician.

That's all too bad because I moved to the Liverpool/Syracuse, New York region to send my kids to school because of my admiration for Dr Thomas Szasz, who as a psychiatrist who turned on his own discipline became the most eloquent speaker and writer in dealing with psychiatric human rights abuses of all times. I had wanted to follow in the path of Dr. Szasz in fighting for mental health care reforms with the University of Syracuse Medical School Department of Psychiatry where Dr Szasz was an Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry. Anyway it has become clear even this psychiatry department, like all of the others, has no respect for the work of the late Dr. Szasz and their staff members probably celebrated his death while his followers mourned him and will never forget his contributions to humanity.   

I accepted Irv and Lees invitation thinking they were my friends. The next morning they put me on the phone with Dr Edeiken in Houston, Texas whom they said had a good career opportunity for me with claims having known me since I was a little kid that they wanted to help me with my career. I took a 10 am American airlines commuter flight from Philadelphia to Houston that morning figuring I should check out an offer that promised a welcome of a few nights paid in a Marriott Hotel suite with swimming pools and great food. I was dressed in my traditional blue blazer, dark blue tie, white dress shirt, grey pants, and black dress shoes for the flight which served scrambled eggs and orange juice. I was relaxed on the flight.

As soon as I arrived in Houston I was hit from behind by heavily armed Texas rangers who shot syringes of knock out drops in me and screaming “Kiddy Up Boy” had me carried off and thrown into the locked ward of a psychiatric hospital which was associated with the University of Texas School of Medicine. There was no proper history or medical exams done. A Texas nurse simply said “salt”, meaning lithium, when I woke up, and walked out of the room. Dr Pearlman came in for a moment and said “You have bipolar disorder” and you will be treated with lithium here and walked out of the room.

I was thereafter told that I was wrong to have told the cruel radiologist, who worked with Dr Pearlman, that I would not accept a position to study under him for six months without pay and that my argument with him about that matter was somehow a sign of mental illness. That radiologist was a former Chairman and professor of radiology at Jefferson Medical College who was after me for years with threats he would ruin my life and career for telling people about a cheating scandal at Jefferson.This was a pathetic and abusive offer for a young physician who had recently passed all three days of the New York State Federation Licensing Exam for medical licensure in one sitting and who had obtained a license to practice medicine in New York State. I also thereafter did well in an internship at Orlando Regional Medical Center in Orlando, Florida.

I started to go into shock at that time. I was beaten up pretty bad when I protested being held there, put in a strait jacket in isolation and shot up with painful neuroleptics. When I had a moment in between all of this I put in a call to Irv and asked him what the hell was going on and he hung up the phone on me. I was than dragged, drugged and beaten downstairs to a swift kangaroo civil court hearing before an ignorant South bigot judge, Scanlan. I had about 20 seconds to meet with my state appointed attorney, John Whitemire, who has since become a state Senator in Texas. 

Whitemire told the judge Texas would have a lot of trouble about this for a long time to come if I was not simply released and told to go my own way. Pearlman jumped up and said I had no respect for him and demanded I be held against my will in Texas. I spoke for a moment and said the entire matter was a disgrace and I wanted to be allowed to leave Texas immediately. Although I presume the judge could have been even worse and held me in the mental hospital concentration camp, he nevertheless still ruined my career and life by ordering me to stay in Texas for ninety days of forced outpatient treatment by the same cruel psychiatrist, Dr Pearlman, who apparently wanted me held in the hospital indefinitely.

I rented a small apartment in town, where by the way I was almost murdered by a guy with a knife one afternoon, and I went swimming every afternoon in between the forced outpatient treatment to try to keep myself healthy enough to get out of the state in 90 days. I was alone there and felt very sick from the lithium Dr Pearlman forced me to take. I was intentionally misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder by this sadistic psychiatrist who clearly was intent on ruining my career to crush my mental health care reform initiatives.

I was forced, drugged and frightened to study as a slave under the radiologist, Dr Edeiken, who worked with Dr Pearlman during the 90 days I was held in Texas under a court order. He demanded that he and Dr Pearlman would serve as my only references for future medical positions if I ever left Texas. Part of the reason the U.S. government has been so cruel and brutal about a cover-up of the truth in this case is because the radiologist who helped to mastermind this abuse case was a U.S. Army officer veteran who was nevertheless more well known for extreme womanizing, drinking booze, smoking, and using marijuana and other drugs.  I am therefore concerned about my freedom and life when I use the name of this radiologist in my stories dealing with revelations of the truth about this case. In fact I had already quit an internship in this radiologist’s department at Jefferson Medical College and completed a different internship at Orlando Regional Medical Center, because I simply did not like his consistently negative attitudes about my interests.

All along all independent medical and legal counsel aside from my background credentials as a Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude graduate of Dickinson college who has obtained an MD and is legally licensed to practice medicine by New York state has confirmed that I do not and never suffered from mental illness. I generally do not mention the medical school I obtained my MD from, Jefferson, because I think their staff, students and alumni are trash just like all of the other medical schools across the USA have proven to be for ignoring my requests that they help me fight this case and the bad precedent it has created.

Now over twenty years since this incident the US feds and police have me under 24 hour a day intense satellite transmitted electronic surveillance and are having me badgered and blacklisting my vital professional and business interests in association with continued false allegations of mental illness in association with this brutality case from Texas. This has been going on no matter what I say or accomplish.

While I was being tortured in Texas by Dr Theodore Pearlman and his associates, he commented to me “If you do not like the way you are being treated than convert". This was clearly in reference to my previously having been known as being somewhat of an outspoken Zionist Jew with accusations which were false that I supported militancy in dealing with Jewish affairs. And Dr Pearlman was persecuting me for nothing more than alleged sins in dealing with such issues as perfectly legal womanizing when I was single. When I realized the United States had become a rigid psychiatric police state and that the US feds and cops meant business about this type of ridiculous case which I lost in court because I simply could not win any such clearly fixed case I decided to convert to Buddhism.

What cleared up is the US feds and cops were clearly planning to continue to run me back into mental hospital concentration camps and civil courts over any petty issues in my life which were never psychiatric in the first place to uphold the nations sick psychiatric system if I did not make it clear I disapproved of all of this, which is clearly making it harder for the feds and cops to get judges to back them on this matter in the region of the northeast United States where I am from. The US Department of Justice after all does not now have a set pattern to work with in dealing with me. 

What I have been learning from fighting for my life as a target of psychiatric tyranny is that all of the psychiatrists are diabolically insane sadists who work together to implement their joint tyranny. They have devised a sadistic and lucrative system of abuse wherein they insist their victims are doing better when they are sick and dying from their toxic arsenal of psychiatric drugs which are all actually poisons which mimic mental illness, while also insisting their victims are very sick and need their intervention when they are doing fine on their own in a drug free state and leading a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, the psychiatrists have proven again and again that they are incompetent physicians who do not even practice their own terribly flawed discipline properly. They are quick to label normal sadness, normal positive feelings, deconditioning, and a myriad of other non-psychiatric states of being as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder as they use their long list of fictitious labels, which have no biological markers, to destroy the targets of their brutality in efforts to make them dependent on psychiatrists. It should be illegal to use the psychiatric labels on any human beings.

The United States and other countries have legalized this tyranny which is being used to manipulate the thoughts, feelings and actions of human beings as if they were rats in a cage or mechanical computers as the entire human experience is intentionally dehumanized by the barbaric psychiatrists who have successfully made a mockery out of all concepts of freedom, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and fair play wherever you may be. In consideration of the realization that this is what psychiatry has been evolving to be ever since its genesis, the only humane answer to dealing with the problems inherent in psychiatry is to move for a total abolition of “The Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death” and replace the entire psychiatric paradigm with a new paradigm of a purist approach to natural mental health care which has a goal of preserving the beauty and freedom of each and every individual human mind. And to serve justice appropriately in the name of humanity all of the psychiatrists should be locked up in their own mental hospital concentration camps for the remainder of their worthless lives.

As the painful abuses associated with my case continue daily and the feds, police and psychiatrists along with other doctors continue to show a callous indifference to the injustices involved I frankly think my case belongs before the Supreme Court of the United States! 
I dedicate my story to the memory of my dear deceased mother Constance Mandel. I watched my dear mother suffer horribly when the US government and psychiatrists callously ruined my career which I had worked so hard on ever since I was a kid. And all along when so many other family members and so called friends turned their backs on me and sadistically supported the destructive antics of the psychiatrists in dealing with me my mother was always around to help. In fact if it was not for her support I would have starved to death and been dead by now.  I loved her very much and will always miss her.

I brought my kids to the USA from Vietnam when they were very young for a better life together, not to suffer like the barbarians responsible for the ongoing atrocities associated with this filthy abuse case clearly want us to! Please donate to help me and my two kids survive at: "The Texas Torture Case Survivor Fund"

Harold Mandel, MD