It is a miracle I made it out of "America's Mental Health Care Genocide" center in Houston, Texas, where "The Texas Butcher", Dr Theodore Pearlman, had me brutally tortured, in order to tell my story!-Harold Mandel, MD

Friday, November 16, 2007


This is a true story which is so hot due to the collusion of many US federal agents, cops, psychiatrists and other doctors in the shocking sadistic torture associated with this case for decades that threats have been made to crush this story, or else, by the responsible doctors, US feds and cops!

During the Christmas holiday season from 1988-1989 I was invited to Texas by criminally insane professional enemies of mine who have wanted my mental health care reform initiatives crushed. I was told there were new career opportunities available for me in what has become for me the alien and hostile state of Texas.

When I arrived in Texas instead of being checked into the Marriott Hotel as promised I was brutally kidnapped, beaten, drugged and thrown into a mental hospital concentration camp. I got very anxious from this abuse. In a state of shock I was than dragged down to a fixed, cursory civil hearing where an arrogant and clearly southern bigot judge, Scanlan, swiftly ordered ninety days of outpatient treatment based on the filthy lies of Dr Edeiken and Dr Pearlman in court. My court appointed attorney, John Whitmire, advised the court in a very professional manner to allow me to leave Texas within 20 minutes or there could be big trouble for Texas for a long time to come. However, John Whitemire has turned out to be just another hypocritical ignorant southern bigot who has refused to lift a finger to assist me with the abuses and injustices associated with this case since I left Texas. He also did not offer me the proper advice regarding my legal right to sue Dr Edeiken and Dr Pearlman within 1-3 years when I was in Texas. He has clearly been put into office as a state Senator in Texas by reactionary special interest groups who want my liberal attitudes permanently crushed. And clearly the Texans have ganged up on me while using this case to fuel a right wing reactionary backlash against me and the type of liberalism in mental health care and other areas which I represent with it therefore impossible for me to get proper legal or medical assistance if needed from any Texans.
Dr Pearlman did not do any proper medical testing of me. He based his presumptions of mental illness in dealing with me on projections of his own bigotries. Furthermore, he did not request information about past medical testing such as Cat scans and an electroencephalogram which I had submitted myself to of my own free will and which were completely normal. When I left the hospital where I was held for a short time I moved into an apartment with a swimming pool in Houston for 90 days. The swimming pool helped me stay healthy enough to get out of Texas on the 91st day after this court order in spite of how sick Dr Pearlman and Dr Edeiken made me with lithium, physical abuses, enslavement, and emotional abuses at the time.

Dr Theodore Pearlman, an incompetent, unethical, cruel, sadistic, criminally insane psychiatrist was asked to force psychiatric intervention upon me by one of the most brutal professional enemies in my life, Dr Jack Edeiken. Dr Jack Edeiken was a cruel radiologist prior to his death years ago. Dr Jack Edeiken was an elitist, hypocritical, deranged son-of-a-bitch who smoked marijuana and drank alcohol often while on call. He also had a bad reputation for conning very young girls into having kinky sex with him based on bragging about his professional credentials. Dr Edeiken grew viscous over the years about his desire to keep these facts about his background from surfacing.

Dr Pearlman is clearly an ignorant, bigoted, native South African psychiatrist who has brought his taste for criminal human rights abuses to the United States with him. Clearly, Dr Edeiken, an outspoken reactionary, got along well with Dr Pearlman. Dr Pearlman and Dr Edeiken both hated my candid liberalism in dealing with all social, political, professional, and personal matters. When I was being abused by Dr Pearlman in Texas he commented "If you do not like the manner in which you are being treated than convert". And so Dr Pearlman is obviously a sick Jewish psychiatrist who equates having sinned at times in my life as having been the equivalent of being mentally ill and he erroneously misdiagnosed me with bipolar disorder in Texas. However, since all of the Jewish special interest groups have been behaving pathetically about this case and have not joined my protests of Dr Pearlmans actions I have converted to Buddhism. In fact years ago when I was still Jewish and I flew into Israel in the midst of this scandal and looked into immigrating to a country where I had worked on Kibbutz Ma'aniit as a teenager, a clearly corrupt Israeli Justice Department went along with requests by a likewise corrupt U.S. Department of Justice and had me set up with a blond Jewish whore from Los Angeles in Herzilia.
I never really got over this feeling prior to this time that Israel was really trying to do something different and stand for something different in this world. When this blond whom I had at first thought was just a nice Jewish girl and Zionist from Los Angeles began fighting with me for some cash I had a thought a good Israeli or Palestinian soldier may have shot her dead and walked out of the hotel room. I just never really had the guts to take such a militant path in life and instead due to the nature of my upbringing have been nonviolent about such matters. Anyway, a clearly sick and malicious U.S. Department of Justice working alongside Israeli and other overseas Justice Departments used this set-up among others to set up the cursory civil hearing against me in Houston, Texas thereafter.

Dr Pearlman coerced me into signing health insurance forms when I was being held in Texas against my desires. Because of the fixed court order against me I felt I had no choice aside to do whatever he asked me to do for ninety days when he told me to sign Pennsylvania Blue Cross and Blue Shield Health Insurance forms. He also actually had the nerve to bill me directly for $2000 over the years. Of course I refused to pay this bill. Now, I know how sick psychiatrists get away with health insurance fraud in the United States. Apparently Dr Pearlman had reports from the FBI which came in from overseas police in Japan, China, Thailand and my wives home country of Vietnam that I may have dated a lot of women overseas when I was single. The facts behind this were distorted by the overseas police. Yes, I am a heterosexual who simply likes women. Many times these women were very poor and they simply asked me for some money to help them out in life over tea. I honestly thought I was being a decent person by offering to help some of these poor women out with enough money for a hot meal. However, I was not involved in illegal, risky or excessive sexual activities as the text books say people suffering from bipolar disorder are.

As for the human rights issue, well I suppose some of the women I saw overseas were enslaved economically in brutal systems and for that I feel sorry for them and I wish I could have offered them all more help. But, I am not very wealthy at this time due to this scandal and so I generally could not offer these hurting women all that much help. In fact for years now I have had to learn how to cope with serious financial hardship because of damages to my interests from false accusations of mental illness. As for accusations that I have threatened the lives of VIPs and others over the years as people accused of mental illness are said to do, this simply is not true. I am a peace activist and I do not personally support the use of force to get my way in this world and I have never used force in such a manner. Such accusations are based on words and phrases taken out of context and misunderstood. Also, I used to drink alcohol socially which could explain many such misunderstandings. I no longer drink alcohol. Clearly the Justice Department feeds their versions of reports to psychiatrists and this often results in misdiagnoses. My version of my life story is significantly different than the Justice Departments version.

Prior to this case when I was still a young man I had felt my situation in the United States was pretty good, that I had a decent background and good credentials which I had worked hard to earn and that I would not have all that much trouble earning a nice living in the country. Now, it appears however that at 53 years old and with a charming immigrant wife and two charming young children to raise my reputation across my own country has been seriously damaged by this case.

Years prior to this case when I had learned there was a cheating scandal at Jefferson Medical College where I earned my MD I made a mistake and told Dr Edeiken about this matter. Dr Edeiken was professor of radiology at Jefferson Medical College at the time. This cheating scandal concerned me because in a traditional medical school where the exams are graded on a curve this scandal explained why many of my test grades were not as high as they should have been. Dr Edeiken, who clearly cheated in medical school, blew up when I told him about this cheating scandal and threatened to ruin my entire life and career if I ever told anyone about it. However, Dr McCoviak, who was the Dean of Students at Jefferson responded differently to this disclosure. Dr McCoviak, who was a friendly cardiologist, told me things were like that at Jefferson for a hundred years just like back when he was a student and to just please do whatever the other students were doing to do well on the exams and I would go to the top of my classes on my exams. He was right. That is what happened when an old friend from Dickinson College and a fellow Jefferson student, Dr Bob Mirabile, handed me copies of the exams at Jefferson which he told me most of the other students had and used for studying for generations. Each year there are only a small number of new facts to be tested in some of the clinical courses. Apparently Dr Edeiken heard through channels that I had mentioned the Jefferson Medical College cheating scandals to an old colleague, Dr Nancy Lucky, during our senior elective together in Hawaii at Kapiolanis Childrens Center in Honolulu. Nancy is a southern Californian who is still living out her dreams as a child psychiatrist in Hawaii because a son-of-a-bitch like Dr Edeiken never got in her way. And nobody, including me, tried to ruin Nancy's career with accusations of mental illness when she shocked me and stripped down naked on Diamond Head beach at lunch one afternoon in 1980. However, appearing in public places naked is a major sign of what the psychiatrists label as being bipolar disorder. Furthermore, over the years it has become apparent that Dr Nancy Lucky was involved with the gang of hoodlums in the orthodox medical community who took down my life and career and had me intentionally misdiagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia and than bipolar disorder. So clearly what has become apparent is that the only difference between Dr Nancy Lucky and cheap whores who walk the streets are that Nancy has friends deep inside the corrupt and brutal orthodox medical community and I am certain she has done a great deal of sexual favors for many of them. Also, it appears the FBI, which has manifested a double standard in dealing with every major issue imaginable ever since I opened up my investigations of all of this, has enjoyed watching Dr Nancy Lucky have kinky sexual affairs with their electronic surveillance.

The texts say people suffering from bipolar disorder appear in public places naked. Our quick affair thereafter did not work out well because I was so pre-occupied with getting back to the hospital and doing my work well in my elective. Nancy obviously had more powerful friends than me in the medical education system. Anyway, at the time when I thought I was going to be a child psychiatrist I had thought maybe Nancy was an interesting woman to get to know. However, I now frankly see her as just another crazy and dangerous psychiatrist.

Dr Edeiken was also very cruel about my interest in using my medical credentials to move out to Hawaii to live and work. In his consistently depressive states of mind he often commented if that was what I really wanted to do than it appeared I was not really dedicated to the profession. I had my situation in Hawaii wired with good evaluations for two senior electives in child psychiatry and family medicine in Honolulu and Lahaina my senior year. Than Dr Edeiken sabotaged all of this by conning me into starting off as an intern in his department where I was not dealt with as well and where the chemistry necessary for success was failing in both directions. Dr Edeiken ruined the position I had nurtured in Hawaii by having me labelled as being mentally ill and having landed me on mind altering psychiatric drugs after I had performed well in my senior electives. Years later after I quit Dr Edeikens Department and stopped taking psychiatric drugs when I successfully completed a challenging internship in Florida Dr Edeiken nevertheless kept insisting I must have been mentally ill or I would have wanted to have worked for him.

Whenever he had the opportunity to Dr Edeiken kept moving back into my life with suggestions and finally coercion that I see psychiatrists instead of concentrating on my career. The opinions and suggestions of these psychiatrists were clearly highly colored by the ideas of Dr Edeiken and resulted in consistent highly damaging advice and prescriptions for drugs which made me so sick they caused me to lose my ability to function well one step at a time. In other words I kept getting better when I was handling my own life and not seeing psychiatrists and certainly when I was not taking any psychiatric drugs. Than Dr Edeiken finally catastrophically ruined my career interests with the fixed civil case from Texas which falsely alleges that I suffered from mental illness. Firms which provide background checks for employers are clearly using this case on my once unblemished record and ruining many of my career interests before they ever get started even though I am very healthy now since again I refuse to see psychiatrists or to take psychiatric drugs. Also, my mid-life studies of and commitment to Natural Health Care have actually made me unusually healthy for my age. So, if any parties responsible for all of this want me to see psychiatrists again and to take their poisonous drugs again they will have to use brutal force, lies, and a fixed civil case again as they did in Houston, Texas.

While I was being held in Texas for ninety days against my desires Dr Edeiken used Dr Pearlman to have me maliciously and sadistically enslaved by him. He made me work in his department for him without being paid daily. Of course due to being sick from the lithium which I was forced to take coupled with the physical and emotional abuses and shock associated with this situation I simply sat frightened to death in Dr Edeikens department daily. Dr Edeiken carried his abuses further by telling me my other evaluations from doctors and others I had performed well with over the years would no longer matter and that he and Dr Pearlman would now be my only references in the country. It appears a malicious United States Department of Justice has upheld this idiocy on the part of Dr Edeiken because specialty training programs across the United States for which I created a highly competitive situation for myself have been denied me since I left Texas.

All along all qualified, independent medical and legal counsel aside from my background credentials as a legally licensed New York State physician who graduated from Dickinson College with the honors of Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude have confirmed that I do not and I have never suffered from mental illness. Also, I am a law abiding citizen with no criminal convictions. Insofar as my mental health care status is concerned I am a conservative dresser. I do not and I have never suffered from homicidal or suicidal ideation or intent. I do not and I have never had racing thoughts. I live a quite, reserved, monogamous family life now. When I was single I was very careful about my sexual relations. I do not drink alcohol or take illicit drugs. I rarely gamble and when I do in locations where gambling is legal I am a very conservative gambler. I do not take any medications on a regular basis. I eat well, rest well and meditate daily. I take vitamin and mineral supplements along with lecithin supplements daily. I exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes daily. I do not and I have never had any intent to become involved in any form of criminal activities. And, although I wish I were very wealthy now I know I am not. Also, I know I am not a very important person in this world and I have never wanted to be. Therefore, even within the confines of what has become the abusive and pseudo scientific discipline of psychiatry my profile does not and never matched the profile of someone suffering from bipolar disorder. The orthodox medical texts and psychiatry journals report that people with bipolar disorder have racing thoughts. They are said to dress in colors of unusual combinations and colors and to often appear in public places naked. They are also said to be heavy gamblers who are generally involved in credit card fraud schemes and writing of illegal bank checks. The psychiatric literature also says that people with bipolar disorder are generally involved in illegal, risky, and excessive sexual activities and feel they are very wealthy even though they are not. They are also said to feel overly important and to make literal threats against the lives of VIPs. Frankly, I know from my training as a physician when someone is insane and homicidal they will tell you that they really do intend to kill someone. In my opinion if someone says they have no homicidal intent and than they murder someone after being released from evaluation we are dealing with premeditated murder 1 and not insanity. An actual criminal will after all know to lie about his plans.

In the events leading up to and in the aftermath of "The Texas Torture Case" I have met with many episodes of unprovoked police harassment, brutality, and false arrests in the United States and overseas in association with the stigmatization of being inappropriately labelled as if I am mentally ill. Many of my professional and business interests with high earning potential have been maliciously undermined by a brutal and sadistic United States Department of Justice ever since this case about 20 years ago. My name and reputation have been ruined also with old friends and colleagues due to lies about my mental health now with the fixed, cursory civil case from Texas used to rationalize and legalize those lies. Clearly we have a brutal mental health care system in the United States with many tyrannical forces wanting my mental health care reform initiatives stamped out. Earlier in my career I saw psychiatrists feeling they would help me with my career interests. However, clearly the psychiatrists never had any genuine interest in helping me with my career or my situation would not have become so catastrophic at middle age.

In the associated Honolulu, Hawaii police brutality case I was beaten up by a Honolulu cop and falsely arrested one evening. There was a dispute on the Hyatt Hemmetter Center property site where I had checked in for one night to help me get resettled in Hawaii after I returned from Tokyo. The staff at Spats Disco downstairs where I ate my dinner served me several glasses of wine. I used to drink socially at that time in my life and since I was not driving I enjoyed the wine. Than I went to my room to relax and get a good nights sleep to get ready to call my old friend, Willard Wong, the next day. Willard was like my Chinese Godfather. As a good friend and associate of my fathers and a close family friend ever since I was a kid Willard was always around to help me resettle in Hawaii with a car and an apartment. Than later that night I got a call on the phone from the front desk of the Hyatt. My father had bounced my American Express personal card when I was overseas by not keeping the payments up to date as he had told me he was doing on the phone. I was told to please bring another credit card to the Hyatt desk. In a semi-asleep and I admit intoxicated state I walked out of my room into the hallway and I think I was zapped with electric shock stun guns from behind as this set-up unravelled. I than screamed out something stupid which some parties said were threats against President Reagan and an old girlfriend. Whatever I may have said in such a shocked, semi waking state of mind it is ridiculous to say I threatened anyone. Actually I liked President Reagan who was like a father figure to me. In fact I had written to him and asked for personal advice regarding my professional interests and he wrote me back with some words of encouragement. And as for my old girlfriend from San Fransisco, well I was sad we had lost touch with each other over the years because of the rigors of my medical training and I had never wished her or for that matter anyone else harm. Anyway I was handcuffed from behind and taken to an interrogation room and tied to a chair by two bullies working as Hyatt security guards. They told me to stay off the Hyatt premises for a year and had me thrown off the premises as the young attractive woman working by the front desk yelled out "Nixon".. meaning I reminded them of President Nixon! When I chose not to take the orders of the bullies as a binding legal order and returned to discuss this incident with the Hyatt group the next day I panicked when I was not well received and ran off the premises. I was than attacked from behind by the same two bullies and handcuffed and the police were called. I was thrown in a filthy little holding cell in Honolulu with no Miranda rights and no charges read after an emergency room doctor did not admit me to a hospital. Willard came and paid the $50 bail. I appeared in court and a friendly and very professional Hawaiian judge asked me if I understood my legal rights and he dropped the case telling me to have a nice day. I am told via police channels years later this police brutality case had a lot to do with the unravelling of "The Texas Torture Case" and associated police brutality cases in efforts by his fellow cops out west to save the Honolulu cop from investigations. Anyway, when Willard suddenly came down with pancreatic cancer and died during the course of all of this I cried a lot to myself. I had lost one of my only true friends in the world and I knew my future would now be more uncertain than ever before. I never knew what to say to Mary, Willards wife, when Willard passed away. Mary was like my Chinese auntie and I guess she too never got over this. I am certain Millard, Jordan, and Wilma, Willards sons and daughter, also never recovered from Willard's death. Willard was just that kind of person who will always be missed by those who were closest to him. In fact I am shaking now while I am writing this thinking about Willard's devastatingly premature death. After this case in Honolulu was dropped in court by clearly one of the more enlightened judges in the United States who apparently agreed with my lawyer, Arthur Fong, that I was set up on the Hyatt on the evening in question and that I was actually not guilty of anything, I felt life might be better for me now after I resettled in Hawaii. Arthur Fong, a previous judge himself, was a close friend of Willards. Obviously Arthur Fong was one of those rare highly talented lawyers who knew well how to properly represent the interests of his client. Anyway, when Willard thereafter dropped me off at a beautiful home worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in Palolo Valley on Oahu I felt relieved. I thought after a lifetime of hard work my struggles were over and that my dear old father and Willard were finally coming through with a gift I needed more than anything else in the world after the 1980 fiasco, which was a nice home in of all places Hawaii. I figured my father must have cut a deal with Willard to exchange the home for some good trades in the stockmarket. I was waiting for a car to be delivered to the garage like back in my college and medical school days when I went into shock. Willard told me my father wanted me on lithium for awhile and did not want me driving. My father insisted I was sick or I would not have blurted out inappropriate words dealing with past President Reagan and an old girlfriend the evening of the incident on the Hyatt premises even though this all occurred under the influence of clearly spiked drinks at a time when I used to drink socially and even though the judge on location where this all occurred dropped any charges, either civil or criminal, against me. I went along with my father and Willard anyway still being the type of physician a the time who figured experimenting with drugs might be interesting. I no longer see it that way at all after again getting sick from drugs this time from lithium and than putting all of this together and realizing it was psychopharmacological agents and/or alcohol which were getting me very sick. I am told from police sources I made some type of call on a pay phone to the FBI about all of this and supposedly turned one of my best friends in the world, Willard, into the FBI over all of this. I admit that although I have almost a photographic memory about lives events and other significant matters this is all a blur to me. Did I really do this or is this all from a dreamlike state of mind I must wonder as I realize how sick the lithium got me. If anything like this happened, which it appears may be why the Wongs disappeared one step at a time from my life, I can only say it must have been from the side effects of the lithium. I always liked Willard and I ended up not liking the FBI anyway. I think in his own way Willard was always trying to help me out in life. And I am certain I would have never filed official charges against him. So when in the midst of all of this Willard told me he was dieing from pancreatic cancer I went into shock again and ended up leaving for Taipei in the middle of the night. Unless I was sick from the lithium I would not have done this. I would have settled in the home in Palolo Valley and started over again in Hawaii where I had always wanted to live and work. Well, the Texas interlude was to follow and clearly my dear old father had his diagnosis of the trendy entity of bipolar disorder on board before I even arrived and being the one in power who cleverly took control of the families assets the greedy psychiatrists never gave me the time of day.

It is of interest that prior to being railroaded into the mental hospital in Texas my father drove me up to McCleans hospital in Boston which is associated with Harvard. He wanted me to have an electroencephalogram done and apparently he tried to have me committed to the hospital. In retrospect even though the tests on me came out normal I do not think such tests are a nice thing to do to someone due to the high risk of false positives which can occur. Such tests are inconclusive in any direction. Anyway, Dr Frazier, the head psychiatrist at McCleans simply said to me you are free to leave here after the test. I smiled and left his hospital. Than I met with a young psychiatrist on Harvard's staff in his office whose name I do not remember. I did not like his idea that I had a rare case of bipolar disorder since I knew the material from the Harvard Guide to Psychiatry in fact inside and out and I knew the holes on such a diagnosis in dealing with me. This psychiatrist told me he had a journal article about a physician whose career fell to pieces from bipolar disorder until he was put on lithium. However, what got me interested in this psychiatrist was his insistence that he wanted to help me with my career. I was anxious to stop staying in one place professionally and I considered carefully selling out my more than credible position that the nation abuses psychiatry and that I actually never suffered from anything for a deal to go along with this psychiatrist and get my career back on track. I suppose what he has in mind was to place me in Harvard's psychiatry program and offer me psychotherapy while I was training. Many Jefferson Medical College graduates have gone through the Harvard psychiatry program. Over the years when I reflected back upon this I figured this psychiatrist would have probably taken my research into natural health care options for mental health care seriously and probably would have agreed to support my switch to natural health care treatment and prevention for anything we would say I suffered from since clearly this psychiatrist was extremely well read. However, when I asked my father to therefore help me resettle in Boston with an apartment and car so I could work out my career with this psychiatrist he simply said no and that was not what he had in mind. I was than being sent on a one way ticket which he charged on his American Express card back to Tokyo from Boston international airport. He told me to go enjoy myself in Japan and that he felt my medical career was finished anyway. Clearly I was dealing with denial for years that my own father was simply intent on ruining his own son's career and life in such manners. And clearly the U.S. Department of Justice and the American mental health care system are more corrupt and brutal than I ever imagined because when I tried to contact Harvard's group and request help after the ordeal in Texas they simply did not answer me obviously under pressure from a sadistic and malicious U.S. Department of Justice which was retaliating against me for my outspoken criticisms of the American mental health care system internationally. And so I was moving towards turning against the entire psychiatric system one step at a time until my conversion away from any acceptance of psychiatry as being credible was complete. I have learned to hate the entire psychiatric system with a passion feeling it all has nothing to offer but pain and hardship and that this is not a mistake.

In the associated "Las Vegas Police Brutality Case" when I had considered settling in Las Vegas after I made it out of Texas alive a Las Vegas cop simply broke into my apartment early one evening, beat the hell out of me, left me semi-conscious for awhile and had me thrown into a filthy holding cell with multitudes of hard and dangerous criminals. Again there were no Miranda rights and no charges read to me. On the way to the holding cell this cop commented "Just leave town when you can if you do not like the way you are being treated." After posting $245 bail I panicked and I realized the entire United States Department of Justice had fallen apart around me and my life was at risk. It was all getting worse than Serpicos story for me and in my case we were now dealing with brutality all over the country. So I flew into Tokyo on Japan Airlines where a woman I had dated from China was living and moved to Japan at the time. I had taken this woman to Japan from China to technically defect over the years and I was having trouble trusting my own country because of the psychiatric abuse scandal. I wrote to the District Attorney in Las Vegas about this incident over the years to ask his advice and to work on clearing my record. He advised me we were dealing with a bench warrant which would only be served in Las Vegas and than he sent me a nice letter and dropped the falsified charges of Disorderly Conduct against me. I liked this District Attorney whose letter I have kept and I was praying he would open up criminal investigations of Dr Pearlman and his group in Texas which were essentially responsible for all of this brutality continuing to unfold against me. However, I suppose he simply did not have the jurisdictional authority to go after Dr Pearlman whom until this day I would like to see serve a long term in a federal prison for all of this. Dr Pearlman's clever manners of using his position as a psychiatrist to get his way has apparently gone as far as corrupting the FBI and U.S. Attorney Generals offices whom under several administrations in Washington,D.C. have ignored my requests for criminal investigations and indictments in association with "The Texas Torture Case". I am now convinced the United States Department of Justice under both the Republicans and Democrats simply have dangerous patterns of sadistic, abusive and ignorant manners in dealing with the psychiatric abuse issue and so I do not plan to ever contact any future administrations about all of this. Therefore, I also do not plan to ever again personally support any of the Republicans and Democrats for political office.
I had considered becoming a psychiatrist earlier in life with a special interest in child psychiatry and as swiftly as I can write up this story synopsis online is how swiftly a considerate psychiatric group in the United States could have ended my dispute with the psychiatrists and Justice Department years ago just by e-mailing out a job contract

Years ago I was invited to China to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. As soon as I arrived I was hit from behind by the State Department which was retaliating against me for telling people and the press that the United States abuses psychiatry in the same manners as the Communists have been said to. It is an infectious international problem we are being confronted with wherein the psychiatrists work with the governments to brutally crush dissent instead of using psychiatry as a gentle branch of the healing sciences as it is supposed to be used. The State Department clearly told the government of China not to take me seriously about anything I said because I had seen psychiatrists which the FBI had on record from previous unwanted questioning without a warrant. I guess the FBI sees me as some type of left wing radical because of my publicly outspoken criticisms of the nations mental health care system. Anyway, thereafter each time I tried to get down to studying or working in China the Red Chinese had me drugged up, kidnapped, and thrown into mental hospitals which I left within 24 hours. One day I grew tired of trying to prove something to the Communist Chinese and I gave up trying to study or work in China. It appears one of the reasons the Communist Chinese decided to act in such manners against me is because I had dated some of their women. Under Communist Chinese law it is technically illegal for non-Chinese men to date Chinese women. Also, the Communist Chinese were also displaying for me their responses to FBI reports that I had seen psychiatrists. As for the FBI I was taken by surprise when their agents technically raided an apartment I had considered living in, in Washington,D.C.. If I knew what I know now about how cruel the FBI has the capacity to be for no good reasons at all I would have simply said I can not speak to any FBI agents without a lawyer present to represent me. Anyway, clearly the FBI equates having seen psychiatrists with criminality and one of their young agents suggested I leave for South America as they were leaving my apartment.

Yet, the U.S. Department of Justice has been so cruel about this case even after all of these years that I am not certain I did my overseas Vietnamese wife and kids a favor encouraging them to come to what has turned out to be a hostile United States because of the Texans. I met my wife years later while visiting Thailand. This situation is jeopardizing the future health and freedom of me and my family due to the associated financial problems we are being confronted with. However, the Communist Vietnamese were often just as abusive due to this scandal dealing with false accusations of mental illness from the Texans. It could not have been more obvious the State Department filed false reports alleging mental illness with Hanoi based on "The Texas Torture Case". The Communists had me under intense 24 hour a day electronic surveillance in Vietnam. And so for years while living in Vietnam I could not get an appointment in a clinic and earn a living in my profession as a physician in Vietnam too. A malicious and sadistic FBI and CIA clearly never wanted me to have an opportunity to prove my position that the United States abuses the already abusive discipline of psychiatry to crush dissent. This was a disgrace because there really is a health care crisis in Vietnam and more General Physicians are needed in Vietnam. And I simply did not have the money necessary to open up a nice private clinic. Also the Vietnamese Communists clearly have been afraid of retaliatory attacks from the United States remembering the viciousness of the Vietnam war if Hanoi did not give in to Washington,DC on my vital issues. And so I was a sacrificial lamb so to to speak in Vietnam too whose position helped pave the way for cocktail parties between U.S. statesmen and the Communist Vietnamese. So my wife, kids, and I would have been better off if I were from Canada, Australia or France I suppose.

Years earlier the State Department clearly went as far as advising the Japanese government to refuse to allow me even standard English language teaching positions so I could make an extra few thousand dollars a month to keep me from getting into financial trouble overseas when I flew into Tokyo from Beijing. I know the psychiatric texts well just like when I scored in the 90s on my psychiatry exams in medical school. The texts say people suffering from bipolar disorder will deny it and say it is absurd to have them placed in mental hospitals and on lithium and other powerful mind altering drugs. Well, the psychiatric texts in this era are proving to be made up of unscientific trash because these are the same sentiments someone who is not suffering from bipolar disorder would share if that person were treated as if they had the disorder.

My own elderly parents were clearly encouraged to assist in setting off this chain of brutal psychiatric abuses by Dr Edeiken and the psychiatrists he has dealt with. In fact it was my god damned father who advised me to see psychiatrists and to discuss my career and personal interests with the diabolically insane radiologist, Dr Jack Edeiken, who was a close friend of my fathers. I am convinced my parents have been brainwashed by mass advertising schemes of the psychiatrists and other doctors which imply that they have special insights into life and can offer miraculous cures for lives everyday problems. That is too bad because we had a great, loving family before psychiatrists and other doctors ruined us all. Now, instead of staying along the course of being fantastic parents my parents have been molded into the role of two abusive parents by sadistic doctors. They have obviously been advised to deal with me and my interests as if I am a drunk, dope addict, and a high school drop out instead of a relatively conservative, emotionally stable college graduate and medical doctor.

Most of my adult life has therefore been lived out in a state of extreme shock from being emotionally, legally, physically, and financially terrorized in such manners. Clearly I am a hell of a lot more stable mentally than the god damned psychiatrists have given me credit for or than they themselves ever dreamed of being or I could not have survived all of these abuses in such an intact state. And, this all hurts me deeply and will every moment for what life I have left in this world because I love both of my elderly parents very much and more than anything else I wanted to help bring them back to the role of the loving parents they always wanted to be and always have had the capacity to be. It was my father who sent me off to China to study years ago via his friend, Willard Wong, a wealthy Chinese businessman from Hawaii. When I flew into Tokyo from Beijing to look into new career opportunities it was my own father who told me he would handle my credit card bills out of his office and that he would let me know during weekly telephone calls if there was a problem with my accounts. He also told me to stay in Tokyo since "that's the place to be". Well, not only did Japan run me into life threatening credit debt, my father mismanaged my credit card accounts and kept allowing the debts to run higher and higher while I was in Tokyo. Apparently Dr Edeiken and the psychiatrists encouraged my own father to help them set me up to be run into mental hospitals to "get to the bottom of things". This appears to be the case because my father as a successful stockbroker has always had the talent to be brilliant with financial matters when he chooses to. And since I took over handling my own credit cards, even after the case from Texas, my credit card accounts have been under tight control. I monitor my credit cards carefully and always pay back any debts in full as soon as possible. So it looks as if my father had me sent to China and told me to stay in Japan under advice from sadistic doctors who wanted me ruined. As far as I can determine he had no plans to properly help me finance any clinic with any further studies from China just as he has refused to do with my evolved expertise in Natural Health Care outside of China because of these sadistic doctors.

Just at the genesis of my career my father and I worked on capitalizing a $6.5 million venture with the now deceased Rubin Rosen to buy Grant Center Hospital, a child's psychiatric hospital in Miami. Rubin, who was a very wealthy Philadelphia businessman estimated to be worth at least $100 million cut me into this deal when my father told him I was interested in child psychiatry and on my way out to Hawaii to do child psychiatry and family practice electives. Rubin did the deal primarily for his son-in-law, Dr Barry Kaplan, who is now a multi-millionaire child psychiatrist in Miami. We each had 100,000 of stock in our names. However, my father put his name under my name in the prospectus as the founder of the firm, which was not exactly the entire truth. He never had an interest in child psychiatry until I told him of my interest. And, it was Rubin who said he wanted to help me out financially since I was just a young, financially struggling doctor. I liked Rubin and I was upset when he died. If he were still alive he may have offered to help straighten out this entire mess with my father as an arbitrator outside of court. Yet, again clearly it was the psychiatrists and Dr Edeiken who maliciously gave my father bad advice regarding dealing with my career and financial interests. These abusive doctors used the antiquated position that great wealth would undermine my study habits as they themselves grew wealthier and wealthier. I never saw any of the $1 million from the sale of the Grant stock to Forum Group for $10 per share. My father attached all of the money in his office the day of the sale and claims I spent all of the money like a manic-depressive would, which is not true. I also was never offered ten year contracts with Grant which rolled over to the Forum Group as Barry and the other partners were offered. Furthermore, as part of the con game to get me to go along with becoming a physician my father promised me he would be trading the stockmarket for me in a discretionary account in his office and that I would therefore always have extra money and that I would not have to struggle too much. Yet, at middle age I have discovered he closed my account in his office years ago and I am under the constant 24 hour a day pressure of being up against the wall financially. Clearly the entire corrupt mental health care scheme and his friendship with Dr Edeiken has continued to nurture this dangerous direction in dealing with me. I had been evaluated very well in my psychiatry required clinical course at Jefferson Medical and in Hawaii where I also did well in family practice. The chemistry between Dr Edeiken and I however remained as always sour and yet at the last minute after the Grant deal my father began to aggressively pull his support out from under my career interests in psychiatry or family practice and along with Dr Edeiken conned me into signing up for Dr Edeikens radiology department as an intern. My medical career was ruined on the spot by a jealous and sadistic Dr Edeiken who began simply saying that I was mentally ill along with my father no matter what I said or accomplished. This was all obviously done intentionally.

I had never had a teacher or professor do this to me. From kindergarten straight through high school, college, and than my medical school clinical electives all of my teachers and professors generally were very nice to me and very supportive with comments that I was heading for success in life. My mother too sold out my interests ever since the Grant deal under advice from Dr Edeiken and the god damned psychiatrists. That's too bad. There were enough pieces of the pie to be more equitably split and with the right support system for my career I could have made a lot more money than that over the years. Yet, again a careful analysis of who was the nicest mother in the world when I was growing up implies poor advice from Dr Edeiken and the psychiatrists lead my mother in this abusive direction in dealing with her own son. I never will get over all of this. I remember figuring with the wealth I was going to come into and which I deserved for all of my hard work perhaps I would buy my parents a nice home in Marathon, Florida like they always wanted to own and yet look what they have done to me which is left me broke at middle age.

Also, when I was growing up my father and I used to go game fishing together in New Jersey and the Florida Keys whenever we had a chance. I thought our relationship and my future had a good chance of success because we shared this hobby. Yet, ever since I earned my New York State medical license and the Grant deal went through whenever I flew into my parents winter home in Marathon, Florida with expectations of an invitation just to kick back and go fishing for awhile my parents ran me out of town with overseas airline tickets within 24 hours and short stays at filthy, isolated motels instead of invitations into their home. They and their doctors also clearly drove me into a ruined financial situation which has made it impossible for me to afford to go sports fishing and to pursue my other outdoor interests such as SCUBA diving on my own. Yet, is it not these type of interests which enable people to be unusually healthy!

So, what kind of god damned poor advice have Dr Edeiken and the psychiatrists been giving my parents in order to enable the psychiatrists to feed off of me financially and otherwise. Although all along I suspected the medical profession and psychiatry in particular were not very nice ways to make a living these days I now also know the profession is not just abusive it is also filthy and crooked to the core. When I was a student I had many second thoughts about going on to medical school. I had heard stories about what trash the medical education system is and what a filthy and corrupt profession the medical profession was. My heart all along was really in the securities industry, SCUBA diving, and deep sea fishing. Yet, my father, under advice from his friend, Dr Edeiken, conned me into going on to medical school. In view of what they have done to my medical career I now must question at middle age what Dr Edeikens motives were in conning me and my parents about the medical profession. And the medical profession has turned out to be a lot filthier, corrupt, and brutal than I had ever imagined it would be.

I was raised in a pleasant ranch home in Pennsylvania with a nice lawn outside and a place to raise my old Sheetland Sheepdog. My dog was a friend of mine. I cried when he died. One day when I was working to get my wife a visa to come to the states with my kids I was told my father sold the family home in Pennsylvania and disappeared with no forwarding address to a condominium on the Main Line in Pennsylvania. He grew infuriated that I would not accept his doctors insistence that I am mentally ill even though I am not mentally ill and he did not want me to inherit a nice place to raise my two kids.

This is all really tragic for my two children who would have liked to have been raised in a nice ranch home with its own yard like I was. I had considered giving up my purist anti-psychiatry and anti-psychology positions over the years and pursuing a career as a psychiatrist again with an interest in being a specialist in alternative psychiatry. I was going to make a compromise with the orthodox psychiatry establishment and sell out my purist position by changing it to a position that I may have been very ill earlier in life and that I learned how to get myself better with Natural Health Care interventions due to my fortunate position in understanding these matters as a licensed New York State physician.

I by the way also take the position that non-physicians can understand these matters just as well if they simply take the time to read about them. Anyway when my offers to take this position were coldly rebuffed by Dr Pearlman and the psychiatry programs across the United States I came to the logical conclusion that the psychiatrists have all become like minded diabolically insane sadists. When Phd psychologists across the United States also refused to meet with me as an equal to discuss my case and to go back to court with me on my side of this issue if necessary I came to the logical conclusion that the psychologists too have become like minded diabolically insane sadists. And when the judiciary too refused to answer my requests to review my case with these new considerations in mind I realized the entire mental health care system is a lot more corrupt than I had ever imagined and I had nothing left to compromise about. From being a top candidate for anything in this field I was now being labelled as an undesirable person to deal with by the orthodox medical school community due to such massive corruption. This is what the United States Department of Justice pathetically does with the type of cursory,unfair civil mental health care case I was terrorized by in Texas. Lives and careers are wasted in a flash!

In other words it could not be clearer that the Justice Department has been ruining all of my interests and professional initiatives by contacting just about everyone I contact and advising them not to take me seriously because of the civil court case in Texas in 1988 which as an aside I could not possibly have won regardless of my sanity or should I say because of my sanity. This is a tragically brutal policy in dealing with mental health care by the United States. It now appears to me an abusive system in the United States which has forced its tyrannical ideas about mental health care upon the international community has contrived the diagnosis of bipolar disorder to kill off sane social activists and poor people, or people made poor, who refuse to stop living with an initial intentional misdiagnosis of schizophrenia. In other words people said to have bipolar disorder are essentially being told they are not allowed to do anything besides take the poison lithium along with other psychiatric poisons and rot to death.

Why shouldn't all citizens of the United States and all citizens of other countries be allowed to gamble on occasion if they enjoy doing so? Why shouldn't all people be allowed to explore their human sexuality in depth if they choose to and enjoy doing so? Why shouldn't people all over the world be allowed to dress in wild and colorful clothing if this is what they like? And, why shouldn't people be allowed to be friendly if they enjoy doing so and if this seems to help make them successful both personally and in their career interests in an often cold world? Yet, the god damned psychiatrists and psychologists have placed all of these things down as signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder and frankly, even though I am generally a very conservative person, I see nothing at all pathological about any of these things.

Just at the genesis of my career because of the abusive attitudes of Dr Jack Edeiken in dealing with me I was initially misdiagnosed with schizophrenia. This was unusual for someone who just got back from two successful senior medical school electives in Hawaii in Child Psychiatry and Family Medicine and came back to Philadelphia to finish off his senior year with a deep dark suntan. I had fit in some swimming and free diving along with time relaxing on the beach in Hawaii in between my work in Hawaii and clearly this burned Dr Jack Edeiken up. Dr Jack Edeiken, one of the worse tyrants in contemporary American medical education, was simply sadistically committed to making me suffer in any manners he could. I was initially trained to listen to other doctors, particularly when they were further along in their careers and I initially had faith in the orthodox medical model approach to illness and treatment. And, so when Dr Jack Edeiken worked with my father to have Dr David Hawkins, an orthomoolecular psychiatrist in New York, and my advisor at Jefferson, Dr Roy Clause, prescribe neuroleptics for me simply because I was a little upset about Dr Edeikens interactions with me I felt they were using these drugs for simple anxiety states. And, I assumed the orthomolecular psychiatrists felt that adding high doses of vitamins and minerals to these drugs was like an optimized health cocktail so I initially took the drugs and did not ask any questions. Than after I had quit Dr Edeikens department and landed myself a contract which I had always wanted out in Hawaii I felt fine about things until I took these neuroleptics. Suddenly I was having intermittent blackouts and serious and very, very painful seizures.

I was an independent person my entire life who had been out to Hawaii and done well alone many times and who had lived and had even worked in the war torn Middle East as a teenager and survived. All of the sudden I was shaking and needed my father to hold my hand to take me out to Hawaii to help me get settled for my contract. His friend Willard had offered me a new condominium and a new car. I had everything I ever wanted with a great package deal to start off. Than at about ThanksGiving in 1981 just after I visited the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Hawaii where I was going to start working on January 1 I blacked out in my condominium and started falling into several more states of dystonic reactions, or seizures, and in deep pain I told my father I had to quit a job I had always wanted before I ever started and flew back to Philadelphia and the small lonely room where I was raised with him. It was fishy I think that my father, clearly under advice from Dr Edeiken, did not offer any words of encouragement to try to get me to hold onto my contract or even suggestions that I simply stop taking the medications which were making me sick. Prior to the Grant deal my father was my most aggressive and effective coach and always advised me stay with and work to do well in anything important in life.

When I blew up over realizations that it was the inappropriate psychiatric intervention itself which made me sick and cost me my job, condominium, and new car in Hawaii after I put the drugs in the toilet one day and started getting better I suppose I made a serious error by filing a complaint in New York about Dr Hawkins. Even after I recovered fully on fruit juice, vitamins, and a healthy lifestyle and passed my New York State medical licensure exams and successully completed a challenging internship at Orlando Regional Medical Center with no problems at all Dr Edeiken and his powerful following started coming after me with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. The orthodox psychiatric texts unscientifically assert that an initial misdiagnosis of schizophrenia is to be considered bipolar disorder instead of taking the more civilized position that perhaps the patient simply had no psychiatric disorder.

When I contacted Dr Igbal, an Indian-American doctor and the previous residency director of the University of Hawaii School of Medicine about the matter of my being a victim of psychiatric abuses and requested professional assistance and asked for my contract back in Hawaii after the case in Texas he arrogantly replied no and that there would be no further consideration of the matter. Now Dr Edeiken had finally succeeded in turning the entire orthodox medical community against me with the help of Dr Pearlman and I was seeing they were succeeding in crushing my mental health care reform initiatives and killing off open minded liberal thinkers in psychiatry. Dr Streltzer, who was the residency director in Hawaii in 1981 when I had just completed my elective in his department, was a nice guy and open minded and was recruiting me for his department. Dr Streltzers progressive instincts in dealing with mental health care were replaced by the reactionary, dangerous, close minded ignorance of Dr Igbal as the entire discipline of psychiatry, even in the beautiful Aloha state of Hawaii, began to swing its attitudes back in time under the influence of the psychopaths, Dr Edeiken and Dr Pearlman, and their fixed case in Texas. And Dr Igbal has turned out to be a real heartache I am certain for many other people from India many of whom are very polite, intelligent, and manifest a great deal of emotional intelligence. Clearly this arrogant and elitist Harvard trained psychiatrist has been abusing the training which he was privileged to obtain to create a mental health care "Untouchable Class" as has existed in and has been extremely distasteful in social classes in India. And of course this all now leaves me with serious questions about the integrity and quality of training in every psychiatry program in the United States including at Harvard. Shockingly everything which had made me successful in life and which was heading me towards future success in life is now being said to be part of a serious mental illness, bipolar disorder, because of the ignorant attitudes of Dr Igbal and his ignorant professional colleagues like Dr Pearlman and Dr Edeiken. Whom I must ask is Dr Harold Mandel than if he is not supposed to be the hard driving, outgoing, friendly, ambitious person with a firm committment to quality mental health care and who loves the outdoors and sports, particularly water sports, and who has fallen in love with the island way of life, whom I was when I was growing up and whom I still am now at middle age.

Prior to working to start all over again in Hawaii as I had really wanted to do on a glass of pineapple juice, some sunshine, fresh air and a swim in the Pacific ocean after graduating from medical school I was on the path to restructuring my career anyway with a post as an intern in psychiatry at Maricopa Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. I had successfully completed a very challenging internship in pathology in Florida and I was accepted immediately to the psychiatry post at Maricopa Medical Center with other programs recruiting me. I chose Arizona at the time because it has such beautiful environmental settings simlar to Hawaii. However, Arizona, being landlocked, lacks the Pacific ocean off its shores as I have always loved in Hawaii. And, so my heart was always actually in Hawaii first. I was however not all that surprised when my first wife walked out on me after a hard nights call for she had a reputation of running around with more men than any sane man could handle. I was;however, as any normal man would be upset that I was going to be alone in the world again for awhile and I called my father of all people on the phone for advice. I had a thought because of the long hours and little time for a personal life that perhaps I would be better off in business with my father at that time in my life. So I asked my father if I quit my post as an intern in psychiatry training if he would at least match the money per month which I was earning from the proceeds from the Grant deal. He said abruptly "Quit immediately and go see a psychiatrist". I realized over the years that all along he was maliciously and sadistically trying to ruin my career and life and railroad me into mental hospitals or he would have said "Stay on the job and things will work out fine." I after all did say I was sick and could not make it to work in Monday morning. Yet year after year when the group at Maricopa Medical Center also refused to give me my job back when I asked for it even after I had a new charming immigrant wife and two nice kids to raise I realized the entire psychiatric profession is trash. I sent the group in Phoenix copies of this story via e-mail and asked for help with the abuse case from Texas. My suggestion in trying to work together as colleagues was that we set a new precedent in American medical-legal psychiatry and simply walk into their county court room together in Phoenix and request their judge to counter the ruling in Texas. In retrospect, the group I had worked with for a short time at Maricopa Medical Center years ago were unusually unprofessional and rude. And seeing what has happened with the attitudes of the psychiatrists in dealing with me over the years I must assume they must all be lunatics and I should have never gotten involved with any of them in any manners at all.

I realized I had gone to a trash medical school and was involved in a trash profession when the Psychiatry Department from the medical school I graduated from did not respond to my requests for professional help after I was remarried and now had two kids to raise. Dr Vergare, the Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Jefferson, refused to acknowledge my requests for an investigation of my case and an immediate appointment as a psychiatry resident at Jefferson when I brought my family to the United States. Knowing the medical education system from the inside I know this is an automatic appointment at middle age for a Jefferson graduate unless there is an unusual amount of foul play involved. I blew up about this and after sending an e-mail to the administration at Jefferson advising them to fire Dr Vergare I gave up completely on psychiatry and Jefferson Medical College. Although there was clearly heat on Dr Vergare to ignore my interests by a consistently abusive US Department of Justice in dealing with me in retaliation for my sharp criticisms of US government mental health care policies I must wonder if the elderly past Chairman of Jefferson's Psychiatry Department, Dr Paul Fink, may have hired me immediately and faught this case with me. When the going got rough in medical school due to the cheating scandal and I had considered quiting it was a personal memo from Dr Fink which was largely responsible for my deciding to stay in medical school. He complimented my performance in my required clinical elective in psychiatry and advised me he and the department at Jefferson would be pleased to have me specialize at Jefferson at anytime. Than again Dr Fink and I were from a different school of thought than what is emerging now in psychiatry. Paul Fink was a well known psychoanalyst and the two of us held to the position that little pink pills alone if at all would never cure anything. Today's psychiatrists seem to feel pills will cure anything and I continue to feel that is usually not true when dealing with the complexities of the human mind. I feel good psychotherapy without medication is a great form of Natural Mental Health Care. And, so I have learned the orthodox medical model approach to diagnosis and treatment is worthless with insurance case numbers and now a civil court docket number passing around the misdiagnoses of me from one doctor and one community after another. Dr Edeiken and his psychiatrists also succeeded in having most of my old colleagues who were at onetime my friends speaking to me in illogical manners instead of pursuing constructive social, professional and financial interests together. Dr Edeiken had rallied as much of the establishment as possible against me. This has all also resulted in serious problems with the Justice Department due to harassment by federal agents and police who are simply clearly inclined by their reactionary orientations to use psychiatry and psychology along with such fixed, cursory, civil mental health care court cases to set up the victims of such circumstances for legal trouble and to painfully waste their careers and lives.

Clearly right wing fanatics in medicine like Dr Edeiken and Dr Pearlman used their fixed, cursory civil case from Texas against me to help set a new precedent in the direction of mental health care in the United States and internationally aimed at using psychiatry and psychology to enslave, torture and murder sane social activists, instead of as a gentle arm of the healing sciences as me and the humanistic school of thought I was trained to adhere to were planning to do. My natural inclinations were in the more liberal directions and so I was as good as dead professionally if I ever even took one step into Dr Edeikens office of right wing fanatic ideologies, which I did. It has been clearing that sadistic and abusive physicians have encouraged my two elderly parents to have had me brutally abused with medicine, law and psychiatry. Prior to being so negatively influenced by such sick doctors, whose traits are clearly similar in the majority of the mainstream doctors, my parents were developing the capacity to be unsually warm and loving parents. When they pass away from this world I will try to remember them as the warm and loving parents they were when I was a small child growing up. And now I know my instincts were right as far back as my high school and college years when I had serious questions about getting involved with the animals who make up the mainstream medical community.

However, in retrospect I now remember my father hitting me with that old line "Stay away from the girls until you are well established in your profession. They will all ruin your life." And as I was getting older he often said "Why get involved with any of them, there are after all plenty of fish in the sea so why not just have a good time with them and take off!" This all coming from one of the key masterminds of "The Texas Torture Case" makes me wonder at times if he and his sadistic friends in the medical profession did not set all of this up on purpose all along knowing damn well that the psychiatric diagnoses are all based on nonscientific garbage and stories about people and projections of assumptions by significant others about ones life. And so now my father and "his psychiatrists" wanted to know why I was involved with any one woman at any given time or why I was running with different women when I was single. The star witness so to speak from a distance at the Texas hearing, my own father, also I am told was responsible for having FBI agents track his own son at cocktail lounges since he had a line on me from police sources back when I was a college and professional student that I used to stop into cocktail lounges now and than at the end of a long day to unwind or must I also confess to the sin of to also meet women. In fact I met my first wife, who is a well established and respected psychiatric nurse, at TJ Fridays where she was on the make for men and having cocktails alone on a Friday afternoon. Anyway, it was my own father and mother who took me around to the finest cocktail lounges all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida when I was growing up. At middle age I do not frequent these places or drink socially anymore because I have two kids to raise coupled with false allegations of mental illness and the harsher and I agree justifiable driving laws. So nevertheless I would like to know what the hell a young FBI agent wanted from me when he tapped me on the shoulder at a cocktail lounge in Beijing years ago and said "Drive a truck". I had just received my medical license and I had just finished an internship. Furthermore, I was not drunk at the cocktail lounge and I was simply listening to some music to unwind for a short time. And so clearly the FBI which I have figured out has had me under unconstitutional surveillance most of my adult life for no good reasons at all decided to both go along with the malicious take down of my career and financial interests and to dangerously fuel that take down. It appears I was too competitive for my own good taste in dealing with what I now see as a sick group of federal agents. After all I had excelled at a small private college of the type federal agents often have gone to and I was thin and in shape. I am still relatively thin and in shape at middle age and I keep in shape and I still have FBI agents harasssing me with electronic surveillance and blacklisting my vital financial interests as they make me poorer and poorer and less and less competative on the market based on a fixed civil case from Texas and a lot of other garbage as their agents become wealthier and wealthier daily.

I now also think we are dealing with a very unsual variant of "Munchausens Syndrome by Proxy". I remember reading about this syndrome in pediatrics texts. There are some parents who unfortunately actually hate kids and want to harm their own children due to bitter feelings about the personal and financial costs they have had to endure raising their kids. Some of these parents are clever enough to determine manners in which to cover-up harming their kids with medical and medical-legal moves which on the surface appear perfectly proper. One manner in which to do this is to lie to doctors about a childs health condition and have that child placed on all kinds of drugs which can debilitate and hurt that child. This is "Munchausen's Syndrome by Proxy". Usually this occurs in a pediatric setting. Other concerned professionals and well read lay people know this is particularly easy to get away with in psychiatry since there are no lab tests or other studies used to confirm or knock out a diagnosis. It is all based on subjective determinations which are often just stories about people. And so I am beginning to think at middle age my parents may have figured correctly they could get away with harming me horribly with what on the surface appears to be perfectly legal medical-legal moves by simply making up stories about my background and my mental status for psychiatrists and other doctors. This all landed me with a series of serious psychiatric misdiagnoses and on painful psychopharmacological agents earlier in life from neuroleptics to lithium and anti-depressants all of which made me sicker than a dieing dog and all of which terminated all of the vital professional interests I was working on before I ever got started making a living with them. I would not do these type of things to my own kids in a million years and I have had to put up with their typical and shall I say "normal"growing pains" already. Of course some people would ask me what if they really get sick. Well, if they are sick and need real medical attention I am the first one in the world who has rushed them to and would rush them again to "real" medical doctors such as General Practitioners/Family Doctors and pharmacists for assistance in treating them. Although I believe in Natural Health Care, it should be understood good Natural Health Care is based on scientific reasoning. Furthermore, some drugs such as antibiotics are good drugs when used properly and have I believe saved my life and the lives of my kids and wife on occasion. And if they appear irritable and cranky after a long day, well thank god I now know about Natural Health Care to help them out. Psychiatric interventions for such situations would only put them in pain and hurt their lives and when they are in pain I am in deep pain.

Well anyway, since learning more and more firsthand about the nature of atrocities used by psychiatrists to supposedly treat people and discovering first hand what cruel elitists they all are I have become a firm supporter of natural approaches to mental health care. I now support only Natural Health Care approaches to preventing and treating mental illness. I do not support the use of mental hospitals, which are all concentration camps, or psychiatric drugs, which are all highly toxic poisons which mimic the mental illnesses they are supposed to be treating and worse, for anyone.
I am still being told again and again after all of these years that I nevertheless have flown too much for good taste during the course of being targeted by these abuses for there not to have been something seriously wrong. And again and again I must reply that is what happens when someone has been in exile from their own country for most of their adult life and fighting to stay alive in a very hostile world.
As the harassment and dangerous blacklisting of my vital professional and business interests continues 20 long years after "The Texas Torture Case" in association with continued malicious and false accusations of mental illness by a sicker than hell and clearly corrupt U.S. Department of Justice I have been clued into one of the U.S. Department of Justices absurd concerns. According to this shockingly brutal Justice Department which has been violating my human rights around the clock with intense electronic surveillance and harassment their people have no choice aside to check out my extreme emotional responses to people who have threatened to call the police on me over the years for no good reasons at all aside from being incited by these very same people who have clearly been working alongside this sadistic U.S. Department of Justice to set me up. Well, I never said it is a matter to be taken lightly when the police are called and I never said it is not a human rights violation to do so for no good reasons at all aside from set-ups. Furthermore, I never said the police and F.B.I. are anything less than brutal human rights violators who should be feared as much as the god damned psychiatrists.
It now appears to me I was intentionally brainwashed into having blind faith in my father and Dr Edeiken. A careful review of my own life over and over again, in spite of shocking assertions by the psychiatrists that my own life story and opinions do not matter anymore among a group of charlatans gone bad in this era, leads me to deal with intense degrees of shock that I did not wise up and break off my relationship with Dr Edeiken as far back as high school while also learning to distrust my father that far back. I now think what I have been dealing with is a crazed medical scientist and a crazed social scientist who both knew the mental health care scheme was corrupt and abusive since their early years and decided to have some fun playing with me as a victim of that scheme. The more and more successes I was meeting with in life the more and more aggressive my own father and Dr Edeiken became about putting me down. I was learning the true taste of enjoying competition and the good feelings that could come from a hard days work early in life in school and I was not used to being left to just sit around and do nothing much as Dr Edeiken had me doing again and again each time I dealt with him. My assignments in school were always challenging and worth meeting up to accept when dealing with Dr Edeiken. I thought this was just the way things were going to be with Jack when school was in session since he was a good friend of Dads and that when the real ball game started in life upon graduation from medical school down the line we would really get down to work. So instead of refusing to deal with Dr Edeiken ever again when he bored me to death and had me sitting in his department doing nothing while he was doing research one summer in high school I figured things would simply change later on in dealing with him. Things never changed in dealing with Dr Edeiken and one step at a time he catastrophically ruined everything I was accomplishing in life and where I was going in life. It turned out to be no accident that Dr Edeiken was Dads best friend. After a really interesting and challenging overseas elective in Anesthesthesiology in Nagoya, Japan which Dr Jacobi, the Chairman of Anesthesiology had set up for me, I never thought Dr Edeiken would set me up for a fall in an overseas elective too, but he did this in London the following summer. When I arrived in London at the hospital Dr Edeiken advised me to go to the radiologist on call said to me "We have nothing for you here". I went into shock and commented "You must be kidding". He replied no I am not kidding and I ended up literally walking the streets of London for awhile and visiting some friends of a medical school classmate for about two weeks before flying back to the states in disgust. I was not used to wasting my time and money like that. When I returned to medical school after the summer my advisor, Dr Clause, a psychiatrist, told me if I had called him from London he could have arranged a challenging and exciting elective for me in a short time with a nice place to stay. I suppose believe it or not if I had done this my career would have been saved for Dr Clause and London would have been on the side of helping to move me ahead in life.
It appears incredible, but I learned I was to become a pawn in a major power play between the Japanese and English who have clearly had a nervous peace with each other since World War 11. British intelligence picked up that I was playing up Japan over England because of the brilliant manners in which the fastidious Japanese set up my overseas elective in their country and how the British doctors left me out in the cold. And so London really has not wanted me to succeed in life feeling if I ever had money and power this could hurt the British image if this all came out and that is how powerful and well connected the hypocritically disturbed Dr Edeiken as a previous U.S. military officer who served in France alongside the British in World War 11 really was. In fact the Saudis once flew Dr Edeiken into Riydyah for a conference and gave him all kinds of gifts as a gesture of thanks.
Anyway, before Dr Pearlman with his arrogantly disturbed manners of taking me down with fixed and false allegations of mental illness, partially to cover-up for Dr Edeiken's failings in dealing with me over the years, turned me on the Jewish faith and situation I was admittedly a Zionist. And being fond of history I thought our joint hate of the Nazis and Nazism would leave the British siding with me on some issues anyway and when in exile from my own country in the events leading up to "The Texas Torture Case" I had considered trying to immigrate to England and save my professional career when I saw what was coming down. But my enemies were powerful and I was to see a brutal U.S. government inspired cover-up and railroading into a mental hospital in my own country in the works when a dozen British cops roughed me up for no reason at all at immigration in London when I replied to the immigration officer professional interests and business instead of pleasure when he said why are you here. I did not have the right visa clearance for that and I was to spend a long evening in a filthy British holding cell where war criminals must be held. I got the feeling U.S. intelligence as on my back and helped arrange all of this. The cage I was held in had no windows, a toilet and a small place to push food through. But the British doctor whom the police let me see did not see me as a psychiatric case as my enemies wanted. He was nice to me and advised me to please just take some valium to relax for the night and promised me I would be on my way soon. Years later when I filed complaints about all of this in personal correspondence to past Prime Minister Thatcher and Prime Minister Blair the responses were sketchy. British intelligence clearly opted for a cover-up of all of this wrongdoing at my expense.
This was all part of the scandal for I remember Dr Edeiken raised an incident in London in court in Houston and my side of that never had a chance to surface in that rushed proceeding. Furthermore, my god damned father recently made it clear to me at 78 years old that all of that travelling around including the incident in London was behind the case he helped frame against is own son and his pulling the rug out of support for my professional interests as a physician. This has left me devastated at 53 years old because I wanted to work aggressively on my professional career as a New York State licensed physician at this time in my life and move my wife and kids to New York with me. I am worried about my kids futures if I do not make a lot more money at this time in my life. But it takes money to do anything in life right and without any solid financial backing such a professional venture in New York could fall apart instead of moving ahead well. Anyway, I guess I will never get over how my own father let me down again and again in life even after I had two kids and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I simply do not suffer from bipolar disorder by very carefully handling what money I have and what credit I have for years and years and by leading a conventional family life with my immigrant wife and kids for years and years. And I was in touch with my father all along when I was overseas and before going overseas I always valued his opinion. If for example he had said no I would not go to China to study since it is too dangerous and expensive I simply would not have gone. And if from anyplace in the world when I was fighting to survive in exile when I was single if on my weekly phone calls to his office he had just said something like you are spending too much money so let's call this off and get back to the country soon please so we can make some money and maybe go fishing together I would have been back in the states on the next flight available. Instead he encouraged me to stay overseas and I discovered the hard way I was being set up to lose everything and be railroaded into a concentration camp in Texas by my own father who made up fictional stories and fictional interpretations about all of this for the psychiatrists. The psychiatrists let me down by not listening to me carefully and reading the truth into this story.
Yet, after spending most of my adult life in exile overseas and in spite of having had most of my vital financial interests blacklisted internationally by a sicker than hell U.S. Department of Justice in retaliation clearly for my outspoken allegations that the United States abuses the already abusive discipline of psychiatry having proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that I do not suffer from bipolar disorder or schizophrenia I was to meet with harassment and attempts to set me up to be thrown into cages again when I returned to the United States. With these new attempts to justify "The Texas Torture Case" and past erroneous allegations of mental illness by professional and personal competitors and enemies I took a new tactic since I had since had two nice kids to raise along with an immigrant wife. I countered malicious calls to the police based on petty matters by calling the police myself on anyone who called the police on me instead of panicking and running out of town and out of the country. I noticed the police answered my calls too and there were no civil or criminal actions taken against me just as there never should have been anywhere. And so I have deep regrets now that I did not simply call the police on anyone and everyone who in the past moved to set me up for falsified allegations of mental illness as the FBI heated up a movement behind the lines to get rid of me to silence me about all of this. And so even though I have learned not to trust the U.S. Department of Justice I must admit I will now turn to them anytime necessary to attempt to counter such assaults upon me and my family. And yet I must confess I often see the tactics of the U.S. Department of Justice as being those of insane people and as filthy as the tactics of the mafia.
When I returned to the United States after years in exile overseas with my Vietnamese wife, My Dung, and our two charming young children, 7 year old Katherine and 5 year old Christopher, I had prayed my very elderly father would change and help me out with my career interests with apologies for "The Texas Torture Case". I thought seeing my kids at least would prompt his emotions to make a switch. And seeing the bright light of hope for a better future in My Dung's eyes I thought would also prompt him to change. The Communist system had not been nice to any of us. However, I had stayed for years in Vietnam because what U.S. dollars I had went further there as I tried again and again to negotiate a position with the Communists who would not offer me much because of false accusations of mental illness from the Texans who had double crossed me and my family in their dealings with Hanoi. So I decided to bring the family to the United States with hopes for a new beginning when My Dung's immigrant visa was cleared. Yet my god damned father ran us out of Pennsylvania and the northeast of the United States where I was born and raised and where I have earned a respected college diploma with honors and professional credentials before we had a chance to get started again. This reminded me of when he ranted on a telephone call from New York City prior to when I met My Dung "What the hell are you doing back in the country. " I had come back to the United States on one of many occassions during that period in my life to work to re-establish my professional career and to simply visit my old parents whom I never wanted to believe had really committed themselves so intensely to ruining their own son. I was so upset by my reception on this occassion that I accepted my father's offer of payment for a plane ticket back to Bangkok, Thailand where I had spent much time over the years and I left the United States again via Montreal where I knew I could get good deals on overseas flights to Asia and where I could get some peace and quite for awhile. Now I am struggling to survive in alien hostile states with my wife and kids and where I can not get the time of day for my personal, financial, professional, and legal interests. So my father never changed and I struggle daily like in a third world country to try to keep my wife and kids alive and healthy.
And the U.S. Department of Justice has kept up a not so quite campaign of harassment against me and my interests with intense electronic surveillance and interference coupled with blacklisting of my vital professional and business interests whenever the government can get away with doing so. Clearly a sicker than hell group of what has turned out to be adolescent styled heavily armed hoodlums working for the U.S. Department of Justice has been trying to railroad me back into the nations concentration camps, or mental hospitals and jails, because I am not mentally ill and because I am not a criminal in order to cover-up for decades of wrongdoing in dealing with me. Since this has kept up even though I have an immigrant wife and two charming kids to raise I have absolutely no respect left for the entire U.S. government for the first time in my life. I now think the entire U.S. government is made up of filthy, lieing, sadistic, brutal, criminally insane barbarians who have a total lack of regard for anyone's lives and interests aside from their own. And so it appears the United States may be the worse fraud in the history of mankind with a powerful propaganda machine to cover up the truth behind that realization.
And so my dear old father and his hypocritically disturbed and abusive associate Dr Jack Edeiken had this entire abuse scheme so well wired all along they could not lose. I realize now it was all a sadistic set up from as far back as high school and college when I began to excel in math and the sciences, not just in the humanities, when my father said "If you are smart enough to make it into medical school and as a doctor and you do not than you are mentally ill." And that is why I was put into Dr Jack Edeiken's departments since Dr Edeiken had decided a long, long time ago to do my father a favor and simply not to allow me to make it in his departments even though I admittedly have been gifted with the intellectual capacity to do well in any disciplines if given the right opporunities. This is how insistent my father was on me being labelled as being mentally ill in order to absolve him of any claims of abuse over a lifetime.
And now I remember going over to my fathers securities office when I was an intern in Dr Edeiken's department and I realized things were not going well with Dr Edeiken and his people. I wanted to save myself and either transfer into the Department I was familiar with and doing well with in Hawaii or drop my medical career and become a securities broker. I was still a relatively young man than. My father threw a bucket of water in my face and told me to get out of his office and not come back. I was never again invited back into his office since 1980 where I had visited and casually discussed business interests whenever I felt like doing so ever since I was a young kid. Clearly greed dealing with the Grant deal ruined all hope of my father coming around and being a decent guy now that school was officially out.
Recently I was told as if to aggravate me that there may be a federal law in the United States which denies people who have seen psychiatrists the legal right to purchase guns. I was told this is why the FBI keeps a list of people who have seen psychiatrists. Well, frankly although I was trained well in marksmanship at Dickinson College in my riflry elective I do not like guns and I never intended to actually buy a gun even though I have checked into gun law regulations out of curiosity. This presents a serious new dilemna between me and the government for again I am questioning who is the one who is actually insane. I honestly do not feel guns should be legal for anyone to purchase in our ever more violent society and that includes law enforcement officials whom I see as often being as irresponsible with guns as hard core criminals. I understand that the Right to Bear Arms is a Constitutional right granted by the Constitution of the United States and that this is a popular position on guns upheld by many Americans. However, I feel in view of how tragically violent our society has become the laws should be changed in this regard. So I will not be starting up petitions demanding that people who have seen psychiatrists should have the legal right to buy guns, keeping in mind I am not implying herein that they are generally the ones who are insane and/or dangerous. I just think these people like everyone else would be better off in a more peaceful society where nobody carries guns. Also, in view of the fact that clearly the FBI is using their list of people who have seen psychiatrists to keep them from getting good jobs and earning a nice living regardless of how well credentialed they may be I feel the FBI has created a fascist police state. In my own case I could care less if the FBI wants to block me from buying a gun since I have no interest in ever buying a gun or in harming anyone in any manners. However, I would like the FBI to stop using their list of people who have seen psychiatrists to keep me from earning a lot more money which I now desperately need for my two young kids. If the FBI ever does this I probably would stop criticizing the US Department of Justice as much as I have been doing in my online news reporting and in personal conversations in recent years. However, at this time I am not very hopeful this new positive direction in dealings between me and the FBI will occur due to the depths of corruption and brutality involved in my case.
I have also been told that I am now on an FBI watch list of possible terrorists because I saw psychiatrists and that this is the excuse being used by the FBI to keep me from earning a lot of money in my professional and business interests. Apparently the FBI keeps such a watchlist of millions and millions of Americans who have seen psychiatrists. This is pathetic and is clearly being used as a rationalization by a grossly incompetent FBI to keep me under intense, degrading, and painful electronic surveillance along with its associated at times life threatening harassment. It figures a government which I perceive of as having become a criminal terrorist styled government which brags about torturing its victims and executions of its victims has me labelled as a terrorist threat. I am not the terrorist threat. I am a Buddhist now who is a peace activist as I have always been. It is really the government of the United States and now clearly all of the American psychiatrists whom have gone insane from their own ignorance and incompetence who have become their own worse enemies and who are setting the stage for the evolution total chaos and violence in the American society due to their own mis-directed initiatives. While I am writing this I am certain real terrorists are making plans to blow up as much of the United States as possible and they could get away with destroying the entire country someday if this direction of gross brutality and incompetence on the part of the US government and the American psychiatrists continues.
It has cleared a literal infectious conspiracy, not a delusional system, has existed for years to sadistically ruin my career and to sadistically railroad me into concentration camps, or mental hospitals and jails, and into life threatening financial trouble, even though I am not mentally ill and I am not a criminal. This has all been done with no concern at all for the extreme emotional and physical pain and suffering this has caused me and which could now also cause serious financial problems for my wife and kids in the future. So I must wonder as I recollect that I was becoming devoted to a career as a physician as far back as when I was five years old when my father made the suggestion to me what the hell has gone wrong in our world to create such abusive barbarians on such a wide scale.
And so the bottom line is I was set-up to be labelled as suffering from bipolar disorder even though and because I do not suffer from this disorder which at times I am no longer certain actually exists. That's too bad. I think everyone involved in this sadistic set-up could have invested their interests and helped me invest my interests in worthwhile directions instead of wasting so much time and money and creating so much emotional pain and suffering for me and those now closest to me. It will always remain shocking to me that all parties responsible for literally ganging up on me and maliciously and sadistically having me labelled as suffering from a horrible mental illness which I do not suffer from so callously and carelessly undermined the power of my academic credentials which I worked so hard over a lifetime to obtain to help me earn a nice living in the United States or overseas. It is this point among others which has me convinced the United States ranks among the worse frauds in world history.
And as I often try to remember better times with my two aging parents with concern in my eyes about how to explain what happened to my professional career to my two children I would like to think my parents did not actually intend to hurt their own son's interests so severely. But at times when I try to delude myself in such manners I keep getting flashes in my mind of being ranted and raved at on the telephone from such places as a pay phone at Grand Central Station in New York City when I again and again tried to resettle in my own country "What the hell are you doing back in the country!" by my own parents.
As for my kids, I have no intentions of wasting their lives with a sick psychiatric industry and helping to feed that sick, corrupt, and brutal industry with their precious lives. So they will be taught by me that the orthodox medical model particularly in psychiatry is not credible and that the United States is often a corrupt and brutal nation. They will also be taught by me that there is no chance they have inherited any mental illnesses from me which I happen not to have even though a sick US government insists otherwise with their fixed, cursory civil brutality case from Houston behind them. As for the deranged psychiatrists and clinical psychologists along with their county judges who would like to finish me off with one last fixed, cursory civil case to get rid of me forever by demanding I be drugged up and locked up in a dungeon forever to shut me up about all of this and who feel what I will be teaching my children is a disgrace, they will have to come to understand that they wanted to start with legalizing everything and so they are simply my legal enemies and I lost one legal battle to them in Texas years ago because they caught me by surprise. I would fight those son-of-a-bitches right up to the Supreme Court of the United States if I could while always protecting the legal rights of my own children even as minors to be fully protected from psychiatric and psychological tyranny.
February 1, 2009
Now with the new administration of the supposed social reformer, Barak Obama, in office the United States Department of Justice is continuing to badger me around the clock with intense electronic surveillance and interference and my vital professional and financial interests are being harshly blacklisted just as when George W Bush, a native Texan, and the Republicans were in control of the White House. This was all also going on under the Bush Sr and Clinton administrations. And so now I know that the United States is the worse fraud in the history of mankind with the United States Department of Justice being the most brutal, sadistic, and reactionary Justice Department in the history of mankind thus complimenting the arrogance and idiocy of the American psychiatrists. The political scene in the country appears to simply be an expensive and extravagant circus to make it appear as if democracy and justice are on the move in a nation which has no actual interest in those values. Instead of opening up criminal investigations of the fixed civil brutality case against me in Houston, Texas from 20 long years ago after all that I have done again and again to prove I do not suffer from bipolar illness or any other mental illnesses over the years the entire United States Department of Justice is continuing to brutalize me with the stigmatization of having been falsely labelled as suffering from mental illness in a court room in the hostile state of Texas. And so now I also understand the judiciary in the United States is overall made up of arrogant, irresponsible, tyrannical frauds who feed off of nurturing such tyranny in the nation.
April 6, 2009
And on the personal side of this abuse case after twenty long years of fighting for justice and now with an immigrant wife and our two young kids to care for I recently went into shock when I discovered my elderly father has always been a more gruesome animal than I had imagined. His vendetta against his own son for my having dated women he did not approve of and for having desired to chart my own career path has become more brutal than a mafia vendetta. And the feds and police who have been backing this up have been proving to me why the mafia often shows no concern over how bad they sometimes beat up and torture their people when they get their hands on them that is how malicious and sadistic the US Department has remained in dealing with me even though I figured out their people have had me wired for years and know I have not been lieing about all of this. Recently when I advised a family member who has made a request to me to keep his name out of my story that this all be stopped I was advised not to come near Philadelphia where I was born and raised to straighten this all out with my father even though my two kids lives are on the line now due to the financial strains I am now being placed under with the continued harsh blacklisting of my vital professional and business interests at this time. In regard to the event I have covered in my story about when I was incited by my own mother when I went to visit the old family home in Philadelphia after my own parents were also rude to me when I visited them in Marathon, Florida, I was asked what about when you beat your mother up! Well, I never beat my mother up. I unfortunately did slap her gently on the face when she welcomed me back home with a "What are you doing here" and ran to hit the police alarm button in the family home. I was startled and clearly was being railroaded into a mental hospital by my own parents. I had apologized for this incident many times over the years even though my parents were the ones who should have apologized for simply not being normal and polite to their own son. Furthermore, if I had actually beaten my mother up than where were the bruises on her body and why was I not arressted by the young Philadelphia cop who was called in and commented to me something along the lines of "But it's their home and if they want you to leave,well.."..and I simply left the home I was born and raised in and went overseas again. I was also told my father claims he can not deal with me with responsible amounts of money because I supposedly turned him and his office, which I grew up around and always hard a warm part in my heart for, into the Securities and Exchange Commission for investigations about what happened to my money from the Grant deal. Well, I simply never did this. I know damn well the last thing in the world to do with a stockbroker, let alone your own father, if you want them to help you with money is to turn them into the SEC for investigations even if you hate their guts personally. I am not certain if my father made up papers and reports along these lines to gain the sympathy of his office group for screwing his own son, or if I was double crossed by some sick federal agents who have had me under intense surveillance. I have at times been so bent out of shape from all of this that I have cursed the entire US federal beaurcracy, but in the privacy of my own apartments or hotel rooms. Also, clearly many of the feds could care less about First Amendment rights to Freedom of Speach and Press when it comes to criticising them and so I think many of their people have been retaliating against me for ranking the United States as a leading criminal mental health care human rights violator nation in many of my online reports. So knowing I could be left in life threatening financial trouble if they caused me even more problems with my own wealthy father I think sadistic federal agents may have set me up by filing such reports with the SEC if such reports exist and signing my name to them. As for allegations that I may have been psychotic and forgot that I filed such reports since I made it out of Texas alive, that simply is not true. That all fits into a classic mental health care abuse case by the nations sick cops and feds and grossly incompetent and careless barbarians in the nations psychiatric professions. Finally I was asked why would my own parents do all of this to me as if to make me out to appear to be paranoid. Well, as I have alluded to before they simply have turned out to be two of the most abusive parents in American history well into their old age and how does one explain such sadism. Some abusive parents go even further with their children and murder their babies before they have a chance to grow up.
July 5, 2009
After relocating to New York State where I am a licensed physician, with my wife and our two kids, I had some second thoughts recently about the nature of many of my negative comments regarding my own elderly parents earlier in this story. I am now very sad to realize as my father fights to make it to 80 years old and as my mother struggles along with the realization of her own mortality at 78 years old that their own son is still being tortured with social stigmatization and a brutal blacklist of my vital professional and vital business interests due to continued false allegations of mental illness from Texas from over 20 long years ago. I now have tears in my eyes remembering the better times between my parents and I as when I was younger and we often went on family fishing trips to the New Jersey shore and the Florida Keys. And we once trusted each other with the families investments on Wall Street right here in New York. So what the hell have the psychiatrists done to me and my parents I must now consider with me again feeling as earlier in life that this all must not be their fault. I guess at times they felt they were helping me move ahead with my career when they were conned into trusting the psychiatrists, for after all ever since I was in High School they were told by educators that they were lucky their son was gifted intellectually in the sciences and other disciplines and that he would make a fine doctor. So as I feel the pain of the tragic situation of my being held in one place financially at 54 years old with an immigrant wife and two young kids to raise I think my elderly parents must be as pained as I am to see what the psychiatrists have done to me and to all of our dreams in life. I now think my own parents had the capacity to continue being the greatest parents in the world as they were when I was a kid and the psychiatrists due to their gross incompetence ruined their lives too and are still stealing those vital moments which we could have shared with each other in their old age. Now I only hope my wife and kids can withstand all of this as I try determine if there is anyway around the blacklist of my interests which is keeping me from coming up with more money for them to live well in this world. So unfortunately there remains however no way to deny that all of the filthy lies and set-ups involved in setting me up to be falsely labelled as suffering from bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses with the help of my own parents has castastrophically and painfully hurt my life and my career interests and is now also tragically hurting my wife and our two young kids. And so as I read more and more into how the psychiatrists come up with such a diagnosis as bipolar disorder I must consider in shock that in this day and age the public is told to consider it scientific that histories from family members or so called friends who may gang up one of their family members or friends for some reason or another, which generally has a lot to do with sadism, is to be considered a scientific approach to such a diagnosis. Did the god damned psychiatrists ever consider putting it in their consistently flawed texts and articles that first and foremost you should take the history of the person being told he or she is mentally ill very seriously before making any determinations of mental illness!
Now I guess if the FBI checks out my story on occasion their consistently cruel and abusive agents in dealing with the issue of my mental health could allege the inconsistencies in my story may be a sign of some type of mental illness. Well, I do not see things that they. The human mind is a complex entity and seeing things from different perspectives at different times is part of a healthy psychoanalytic process of learning to cope and heal. I did not advise the American psychiatrists in this era to ever take the position that little blue, yellow, and pink pills can resolve any emotional turmoils in our lives. Still, I think perhaps the FBI agents across the United States who must have something to do with the cold reception I am receiving to all of my interests at this time due to false legal accusations of mental illness in association with the abuse case from Texas are psychotically out of touch with the realities of my case by failing to realize it really has been a long-term abuse case with all of the components of the case over the years connected in a snowballing fashion. The bottom line is I simply do not suffer from bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. With my background that was all statistically improbable in the first place and the psychiatrists should have realized that. Or more frightening is a consideration that perhaps the psychiatrists did realize that all along and simply moved ahead with their like-minded sadistic psychiatric take down of one of their own colleagues anyway. People in all walks of life who are not psychiatrists and who are well read and intelligent and who deal with me can pick up very quickly that I simply do not have any such mental disorders. The psychiatrists keep insisting other people who are not psychiatrists have no right to make such determinations. I now disagree with this position. I am not an engineer and yet do I and others who are not engineers not have the right to make a determination if a car is engineered well and if a car company and the entire industry is putting out good cars for good prices. And I am not a lawyer by trade and yet do I and others who are not lawyers not have the right to determine if a lawyer appears to have handled a case well and if the nations lawyers overall appear to be doing a good job. And do I and others not have the right to determine whether or not we feel judges are doing a good job on the bench even when we are not judges just as we do with polticians in political offices.
August 25, 2009
Memo to The University of Hawaii Department of Psychiatry
Dear Ms Kleve, (University of Hawaii Department of Psychiatry Residency Training Office)
I think it has been unusual that for years your department has refused to communicate properly with an independently licensed physician about critical issues dealing with mental health care and medical education of the nation's present and future psychiatrists. I therefore felt that I would take this time to again attempt to open up lines of communication with your department about some critical issues with feelings the very unfortunate breakdown of relations between your department and me over the years has been largely responsible for creating unusual problems in American Psychiatric education circles and in the provision of proper mental health care in our country.
First let me start off by apologizing for any harsh comments which I may have made about some members of your department over the years due to misunderstandings about my personal situation. Frankly I think these misunderstandings came about due to a lack of proper information on your end regarding my situation. In this regard I have been nurtured in the school of thought of a humanistic approach in dealing with such considerations wherein unless you are dealing with a bona fide criminal who has multiple convictions you should always attempt to listen to what the person at the center of such controversy has to say about their own mental health and their own situation if you are truly interested in the truth behind such matters.
Ever since I was a young kid I loved Hawaii. As a college student I took some electives in Psychology and Oceanography at the University of Hawaii and I became certified as a SCUBA diver. My accomplishments in Hawaii helped to compliment my being awarded with membership into Phi Beta Kappa as a graduate of Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania where I earned a 4.0 grade point average in my major, Psychology. Thereafter, while in medical school I was rated at the top of my clinical rotations and in my examinations in my required work in Psychiatry at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. In fact a previous Chairman of the Psychiatry department at Jefferson, Dr Paul Fink, sent me a personal letter at the time congratulating me for doing so well and encouraged me to go into Psychiatry. Dr Paul Fink was close friends with the previous Chairman of Psychiatry in your department, Dr John McDermott. They served in the US Army together and were roommates at onetime. During my senior year of medical school I planned two rotations in Hawaii in Child Psychiatry in your department and in Family Medicine with Dr Percy in Lahaina. I did very well in these rotations and I enjoyed them very much. The previous Residency Director in your department, Dr John Streltzer, commented to me that I would be welcomed as a resident physician in your department. I got along well with everyone in the department at that time and I liked the entire staff very much. Together I feel we were providing good mental health care. This is why I think only a lack of communication lead to misunderstandings ever since that time.
My senior year in 1981 I made a mistake and gave into pressure from my elderly father to sign up for a Radiology Residency program at Jefferson instead of ranking your department #1 as I had wanted to. My father was close friends with the past Chairman of Radiology at Jefferson, the late Dr Edeiken, and I think he was a frustrated Radiologist because of this. My now 79 year old father, who I believe can not live all that much longer, was also fanatically obsessed with fighting my desire to live, train, and work in Hawaii with feelings I was simply interested in what he perceived of as the beach party atmosphere of the University there. He insisted I was more interested in young women who hung out on the beach and in the sunshine than in getting a quality education when I was in Hawaii and he insisted I would be a failure with no future if I did not commit myself to a more rigorous academic career along the lines of what he felt Dr Edeiken's department offered.
My father, who paid for all of my very expensive education, was very influential on me and my interests back than and I made a very big mistake of signing up for Dr Edeiken's department because I was not really as interested in Radiology as a career path as I was in Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry. Also, I think my father pushed me in the directions he did at that time in my life because he was actually jealous of where my life was heading if I went out to Hawaii to live and work. I resigned from Dr Edeiken's department in about one month even though I was doing my work well in the emergency room where I was assigned at the time and I arranged to transfer out to your program on the telephone with Dr Streltzer.
Than prior to my departure for Hawaii at which time I was feeling optimistic about my future and excited about getting out to Hawaii again my father told me Dr Edeiken felt that maybe I needed some type of mental health care myself due to the manner in which I quit his department after he did me a favor signing me up for such a competitive post. I went along with seeing a Psychiatrist myself for my father who started off a snowballing cascade of catastrophic misdiagnoses in dealing with my own mental health based primarily on the ideas of Dr Edeiken and my father in dealing with me. I was advised to take neuroleptics until I started my program in Hawaii by Dr Hawkins, an Orthomolecular Psychiatrist who practiced in New York. I got very sick from the neuroleptics and aside from painful dystonic reactions and blackouts I lost all of my drive and motivation. I resigned from your program which I had wanted and worked so hard for before I even started while sick from the neuroleptics. Thereafter, when I realized the drugs themselves had gotten me sick and I stopped taking them I began to feel like my old self again. To prove myself to friends, family, and colleagues alike I studied for and sat for the New York State Federation Licensing Exam thereafter and I passed all three days in one sitting at which time I was granted a New York State medical license on my own. I than read about an opening in a Pathology internship at Orlando Regional Medical Center in a journal and to prove myself again I did this internship and did it well without taking any drugs. However, even as I remained interested in mental health care as my primary professional interest my dear old father and his friend Dr Edeiken remained fixated on the notion that I must have been suffering from some type of mental illness if I did not want to go back to Dr Edeiken's department.
And so as I kept working to get ahead in life I was nevertheless fighting a difficult battle against the odds because my father and Dr Edeiken kept discussing my mental health issues with psychiatrists instead of working with me on my career. And beginning to understand the nature of our countries mental health care system with Justice Department reports following people around who had seen psychiatrists I was finding I was not being received well any longer by other psychiatry departments which in the past would have been recruiting me. And so I decided I should start all over again where I had initially wanted to be and where I had earned my place myself in your department to stop all of this from going any further and leading to further mental health care injustices and human rights abuses directed against me. However, before I had a chance to renegotiate my contract with your department my father and Dr Edeiken literally had me railroaded into a mental hospital myself in Houston, Texas where Dr Edeiken had transferred to live and work. Their associate, a Psychiatrist from South Africa, Dr Theodore Pearlman, had me catastrophically misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder this time when I was lured to Houston with promises of discussions regarding my career interests. Dr Pearlman clearly based his erroneous presumption on the classic textbook position that if the person is found not to be suffering from schizophrenia over the years than it must be bipolar disorder. I am afraid this presumption was all wrong because in my case it happened to be that I simply did not suffer from any such mental illnesses and yet nobody would listen to my story and my history. For example there was never a proper drug and alcohol history taken from me which would have explained mild, transient unusual behavior when I was younger. Like all of my colleagues when I was younger I at times, but not very often, drank some alcohol and experimented with marijuana. Over the years I completely stopped using illicit drugs and I only have a glass or two of wine on rare occasions now. I left the country in disgust several times because of all of this. Last time I was overseas it was for decades at which time I met my charming wife, My Dung, who is an immigrant to the country now. My Dung is from Vietnam. We met in Thailand and went to Vietnam to meet her family and get married. We have been married for ten years now. We had our two magnificent kids, 8 year old Katherine and 6 year old Christopher, in Vietnam and brought them to the United States with us. They are bright and healthy kids whom we raise with a Natural Health Care approach to the prevention of illness. I have become very interested in Natural Health care over the years and I have made an in-depth independent study of Natural Health Care and Complementary medicine.
When I attempted to clear up my own case and work on my career interests with Dr Hawkins and Dr Pearlman from overseas in Vietnam they simply refused to answer me. Than when I re-applied to your department from Vietnam with feelings Hawaii would be a good place to bring my family my re-application was rejected. When I tried to explain my story to Dr Ike Igbal, a previous residency director in your department via regular mail prior to the time which I taught myself about computers and the Internet, he responded in a brief note that my application would not be reconsidered. I went into shock that what I had all along considered my friends and colleagues in Hawaii were now letting me down and I flew off into an anti-Psychiatry Dr Thomas Szasz styled orientation which has become well known by some parties in the professional and lay communities. In fact I even started an anti-Psychiatry foundation just as Dr Szasz started the Citizens Commssion on Human Rights because if all of this. However, I think Dr Igbal was dead wrong in responding to my interests in the manner in which he did and I feel his response was colored by pressure from the Justice Department which I have found uses civil cases such as the one I was hit with in Texas to keep people from getting back to work even though this is not the law. Dr Pearlman had to take me to court in Houston because I was refusing to accept his professional opinion and his treatment ideas and the judge in Houston ordered 90 days of outpatient treatment based on Dr Pearlman's and Dr Edeiken's flawed brief testimony. I see this as all violations of my human rights. So your departments refusal to reconsider my positions on my own mental health and on my desire to come back to your department with a firm committment to successfully completing a minimum of four years of residency training I feel has set a bad precedent in American Psychiatry and is turning it into a tyrannical and rigid discipline. I think Dr Igbal and other Residency Directors in your department should have simply responded over the years that it was a nice idea that I wanted to return to your department with an Aloha welcome back and a cleared statement that "This is your last chance, so please do not make the mistake of ever quiting again no matter what happens. If you have anything to discuss about your career or mental health at anytime please just discuss it with us. That is what we are here for".
When I was a medical student rotating in your department a 62 year old General Physician from Delaware was accepted to your program and he was doing fine. I therefore feel your department should consider turning all of this around with me and offering me my job back as I near 55 years old. I am certain my wife and kids would like Hawaii. As for my foundation, well if you could just give me a valid reason to do so I would change it to a pro-Psychiatry posture overnight while sharing my own story with it's over 230 members at this time that my new story could prove you should never give up in your search for mental health and respect for your own human rights and that psychiatry clearly offers hope for us all. And I think your department should simply explain to the Justice Department if any inquiries are made about all of this that you are after all psychiatrists and associates of psychiatrists in your department and that it is your legal right to support such a humanistic direction in dealing with me and with mental health care and that you disagree with the Justice Department following me around the country and the world with damaging accusations of mental illness regardless of what I accomplish in life instead of with support for my career and personal interests.
Also, the following are my most recent academic activities:
New York State Education Department Albany, New York I have completed the course "The Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse and Maltreatment" as requested by the New York State Education Department for licensed physicians who may come into professional contact with persons under 18 years old or persons 18 years or older with a handicapping condition, who reside in a residential care school or facility, on June 20, 2009. I became licensed to practice medicine by New York State after passing all three days of the New York State Federation Licensing Examination in one sitting in 1983.
Continuing Medical Education Medscape CME: (2009): The Contagious Nature of Bacterial Conjunctivitis/Moderate Wine, Little Meat, Many Vegetables May Be Key Mediterranean Diet Items Linked to Longer Life/Managing Summer Ear Infections/Exercise Training Boosts Benefits of Cardiac Resynchronization/Bipolar Disorder and Aggression/Improving the Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder/Gene Expression Profiling In Estrogen Receptor-Positive Breast Cancer AHC Media (Prior to 2009): Smoking Cessation-A Practical Guide for the Primary Care Physician/Oil of Eucalyptus as an Insect Repellent/Plaque in the Big Apple:Rare Cases Trigger Bioterrorism Response/Non-Accidental Injury:Recognizing Child Abuse in the Pediatric Trauma Patient/Do Dietary Antioxidants Prevent Alzheimers Disease?/Folic Acid and Neural Tube Defects/Sports Related Hand Injuries,Learn the Rules of the Game/Fever, Separating Fact from Fiction/Long-Term Management of BiPolar Disorder, What the Research Says/Be Alert for Ricin Poison. As you know all of my accomplishments over the years and my own personal committment to my wife and kids are signs of mental health, not mental illness. I would hate to see everyone work to tear all of this apart after all of this hard work in favor of creating another picture of mental illness when so much is on the line instead of working with me on my career now. So, please pass this memo around to the members of your department for consideration.
Dr Harold Mandel
General Physician -I am available to provide professional General Medical Counselling home visit services for residents of the Liverpool/Syracuse, New York region and surrounding areas. The emphasis of my professional services at all times keeps the individual biochemical, psychodynamic, and social needs of each person and family in mind. I am also be available to provide these professional services for businesses and schools in the Liverpool/Syracuse, New York region and surrounding areas and for visitors to the region. And I am available to provide online counselling services. My interest is in helping you to be as healthy as possible in body and mind. All professional services are provided by appointment only. Please send me an e-mail if you have any questions for me and if you would like to set up an appointment. Or you can call me at : 315-876-7783315-876-7783.
Addendum to this memo: Unless this e-mail is responded to in the affirmative, which I do not anticipate will happen, I will have no choice aside from continuing along what therefore has become the logical path of hardening my now independent anti-Psychiatry, pro-human rights positions. The total refusal of this Department of Psychiatry and other Psychiatry departments across the United States, including in New York state where I am a licensed physician and at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, where I obtained my MD, to properly address the issues raised herein, to work with me on a proper resolution of these issues, and to meet my critical need for a contract, with normal, healthy and supportive conditions, for which I am highly qualified to specialize implies to me that we are dealing with the most brutal and abusive mental health care abuse case of its nature in American history. I intensely studied and trained in Psychology and Psychiatry and I know what I have offered in this memo is what should be considered imperative in getting to the bottom of the serious medical-legal injustices I have been terrorized by due to my having come forward with the truth about my own medical and personal history. This is the proper thing to do if you are going to practice Psychology and Psychiatry correctly. To have the US Department of Justice continue to take the position that their people themselves and other physicians, let alone a Psychiatrist in what has become for me the alien and hostile state of Texas, know my life story and my emotional feelings better than I myself do is absolutely absurd. So clearly the nature of wrongdoing in dealing with my own case goes far up into high levels of money and power in the United States as a brutal crack down on revealing the truth behind my story and allowing remedies to seek justice has continued for decades even though I now have two young kids and an immigrant wife to care for. And so what has become a belligerent FBI in dealing with this case fails to understand that as their agents clearly see me as taking what they appear to consider anti-American positions in my online reports on all of this, it is clearly my own colleagues and home government which has sold out what America is supposed to be all about since keeping up the painful and dangerous blacklists of my vital interests in association with continued false allegations of mental illness is not at all a traditionally American thing to do, particularly with an entire families future now on the line. I myself always have supported basic freedoms which are supposed to be guaranteed Americans such as freedom of press and speech rights even when in Communist nations such as China and Vietnam. Essentially I am being told that although it appears I could be right about all of this I will just have to learn to live with it all as well as possible since after all I was dragged down to a civil court hearing in Houston, Texas and lost a swift court hearing, which was fixed against me, and which I obviously had no chance of winning. So now I completely disagree with the FBI and US Attorney Generals office placing so much weight in dealing with people's backgrounds on this type of kangaroo court proceeding. I frankly simply do not see such county court rooms in America as the holiest, most ethical, and most decent places on the earth as the Justice Department clearly does. In fact I think the Supreme Court of the United States should someday take up my case or a similar case and simply declare such disgraceful lower court proceedings unconstitutional and illegal under American law. Well, so I am now continuing to encourage a blacklist of the interests of the Psychologists and Psychiatrists in retaliation for all of this. I will not deviate from this posture unless the American Psychologists and Psychiatrists begin acting more responsibly in dealing with me and my interests instead of continuing to throw me out in a trash can. This is being done since clearly they as a group which clearly works together and covers for each other messed up in dealing with me for a long time. I do not agree with this manner of doing things either since the Psychologists and Psychiatrists insist on using such swift court proceedings without juries and without sworn in testimony to get their way. They have made a mockery of American concepts of justice by insisting on the use of American court rooms while refusing to accept the value of an adversarial legal system among themselves. And now I better understand how other people feel when they are terrorized with such mental health care human rights abuses and I will do whatever I can to help these other victims of such brutal human rights abuses for the remainder of my career and life.-Dr Harold Mandel
August 26, 2009
As of today my memo to the UH Department of Psychiatry has not only not been answered in the affirmative, it has been ignored. That is ashame. I was ready to offer an Aloha spirited compromise to my anti-psychiatry positions and move out to Hawaii immediately to live and to work and to offer my immigrant Vietnamese wife, My Dung, and our two charming kids, 8 year old Katherine and 6 year old Christopher, a new beginning with new hope in America. And my prescription for good mental health for me and the family on the way to resettlling in Hawaii was going to be a few glasses of Hawaiian pineapple juice and a good meal on a United Airlines flight out to Hawaii and than some sunshine and a swim in the Pacific Ocean when we arrived in Hawaii. I am not certain exactly what has gone wrong in America and where the Hawaiian Aloha spirit has gone over the years! So again I have been given reinforcement for my anti-psychiatry position.

Monday October 12, 2009

Recently when a chronically rude, abusive, and incompetent psychiatrist at Suny Upstate New Yorks Department of Psychiatry lied about a short impromptu meeting with me in his office and sent me an e-mail advising me not to even apply for a Residency Training position I knew that all of the psychiatrists in the United States have become like-minded diabolically insane sadists who have ganged up on me with the US Department of Justice in order to undermine the credibility of my reports about "The Texas Torture Case" and about American mental health care human rights abuses. I was polite and quite when I clearly took a chance with my freedom and walked into Dr Manrings office while downtown in Syracuse one afternoon. I told him as a New York licensed physician with an immigrant wife and two kids to raise I was in financial trouble and could not afford my own office or clinic and that I needed a job. I also advised him that I had been interested in mental health care my entire life. That is why I was a Psychology major as far back as college where I received honors. Dr Manring commented thereafter in his rude e-mail that he had a sense I was just trying to get accepted to his program and had no real plans thereafter. He was dealing with me as if I was a disturbed adolescent with no responsibilities and no bills to pay clearly as a projection of his own emotional problems as appears to always occur with psychiatrists these days. Dr Manring manifested a literal psychotic disassociation from the realities of who I am and who he met in his office. Clearly the US Department of Justice which has me under constant surveillance due to the sensitive nature of my accusations that the United States is a leading mental health care human rights abuser nation called into his office with their requests that the blacklist of my professional interests continue. I spent most of my adult life dealing with the medical profession and medical education and I know from the inside how easy it is for a licensed American physician to land a position like that, particularly when middle aged and clearly settled down, unless there is serious wrongdoing involved. As far as questions about my anti-psychiatry positions are concerned the famous anti-psychiatry psychiatrist Dr Thomas Szasz is an Emeritus Professor in his 80s from Dr Manrings Department. So I must assume Dr Szasz has been a complete fraud his entire career who has served as a front for the American Psychiatric Association wherein the freedom to safely criticize American psychiatry has actually only been reserved for the psychiatrists themselves. And so now on my 55th birthday and with my two kids in school in New York state I have finally been pushed into credit debt to survive in my own country and I am not at all certain what may happen to me and my family in the future if the cruel blacklist of my vital professional and business interests is not lifted. In any event I am now working independently on my anti-psychiatry positions with such interactions as the one with Dr Manring fueling the credibility of my positions along these lines in dealing with psychiatrists.

Friday October 30, 2009

Today I came across information about laws in the United States dealing with background checks. Under federal law in the United States it is illegal to raise civil cases from more than 7 years ago. In fact it is illegal to raise any negative information about someone aside from criminal convictions which is more than 7 years old. So not only have I been subjected to brutal human rights abuses for an unusually long time in dealing with "The Texas Torture Case", I have also been a victim of violations of federal laws dealing with such matters in the United States. In other words if my legal rights, not just my human rights, were not violated in dealing with this case there would have been no problems proceeding with my professional career interests and other business interests with American concerns both overseas in my wife's native country of Vietnam and elsewhere for years and in the United States when I came to the country with my Vietnamese wife and our two children. So I must wonder why the legal community let me down in dealing with this case and has not sued for me for millions of dollars in damages as I now struggle to survive financially on a day to day basis. If such a lawsuit is simply not possible under present American laws due to the time which has lapsed since this case, which appears to be what most lawyers have been saying, than certainly there remains serious problems in the American legal system in dealing with such a psychiatric abuse case. Furthermore, why have the responsible parties who have kept up the slander and job discrimination surrounding my name and interests because of this case not been charged and convicted of federal crimes. It is therefore clear the United States has become one of the most corrupt, brutal, and cruel nations in world history.

November 15, 2009

After meetings this week about my career interests with a group of stockbrokers in Syracuse, New York I am finally convinced that overall the only group of con artists in the United States who have as effectively driven millions and millions of people into poverty as the psychiatrists and psychologists are many of the full service stockbrokers.

Monday November 16, 2009

I sent the following memo to The Washington Post today:

Dear Editor,

I am being tortured with a government inspired blacklist here in New York where I am a licensed physician in association with false allegations of mental illness from "The Texas Torture Case" from over 20 years ago and in retaliation for my sharp criticisms of the United States as a leading mental health care human rights abuser nation.

I have a wife from Vietnam and our two kids to raise. We were doing well and living in upper middle class in Southeast Asia on the money I have and we are in poverty here on the same amount of money and now running into a dangerous credit debt.

So clearly the State Department maliciously and sadistically issued my wife a US Visa to make me go broke with no concern at all about the health and welfare of my wife and kids. I went along with this thinking the US government would open up new career opportunities because I have two kids to raise while nevertheless the US government clearly had a blacklist of my interests in mind all along.

And so for the record I now see the US government people as barbarians and murders of men, women and children and I have never hated my native country of the USA more in my life! ( But I am a peace activist and not a terrorist!)

And the entire Obama administration is as responsible for this situation as was the entire Bush administration. When such national abuses go this far "The Buck Stops At The Top!".


Harold Mandel, MD

Thursday November 26, 2009

Well, the bottom line is of course my own elderly parents attitudes about dealing with my emotional well being, career, and financial interests became terribly flawed due to greed and other issues dealing with their own problems later in life. However, if the psychiatrists and the other doctors they have been dealing with had any common sense and any sincere interest at all in my emotional well being they would have simply told my parents that the abusive course they were taking in dealing with me was completely wrong and that in fact they could be considered human rights abusers and criminals if they did not radically change their course of action in dealing with me and give rational support for me and my interests instead of intentionally leading me down a path of pain and suffering which could ultimately ruin a professional career I had been working so hard on over a lifetime. And if the psychiatrists had any comittment at all to dealing with my emotional well being they would have pointed out that it was unusual for two parents to manifest such a total lack of emotional capacity in dealing with a son who had accomplised so much in life and who was so nice to them over a lifetime and would have asked them to please make pretend they had feelings for me while working carefully with them to get to the bottom of their problems, not my problems, which have been catastrophically ruining my entire life. Instead the psychiatrists and other doctors they have worked with intentionally, sadistically, and maliciously worked with my parents to destroy the personal interests, career, financial well being, and emotional well being of their own son in the name of the "Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture, and Death" which profits greatly from all of this.

And so clearly there is nothing nice, decent, or productive possible in your life when dealing with psychiatrists. And the psychiatrists are so firmly committed to a path of tyranny for large profits that "Psychiatry Should Be Abolished".

Tuesday December 8, 2009

Each time I was placed on psychiatric drugs beginning back in 1980 and than leading up to "The Texas Torture Case" I was literally dying from the drugs, not mental illness. And so is it not interesting that the entire US Department of Justice simply has me tortured around the clock, is driving me into total bankruptcy and poverty and clearly along with the like-minded diabolically insane psychiatrists wants me back on the same poisons, neuroleptics and lithium, instead of on a Natural Health Care program as I am now and at work as a productive member of society. These people are therefore simply a group of heavily armed and powerful hoodlums who enjoy randomly and sadistically torturing, enslaving, and murdering people just as heavily armed and arrogant street gangs in Harlem, North Philadelphia, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles County and elsewhere do! And this has been going on around the clock since I settled into a traditional family life with my wife and our two kids whom I mistakenly brought with me to the United States from Vietnam. If I lose them too now, as the most important part of my life, because of this tyranny, and than I am forced to make it out of this trash country alone to survive in a healthy way again I am clearly supposed to think according to the US Department of Justice and the psychiatrists that after all I have suffered from chronic mental illnesses, which as an aside I do not and never suffered from. And so all I know now and all that I will ever know as a victim of chronic brutality by the "animals" in control of the United States is that all of this was always because of the sadistic brutality of the United States, not mental illness and not me!

Sunday January 3, 2010

As we enter a New Year I am in shock in upper New York State as I struggle to survive a brutal US goverment blacklist of my vital professional and business interests in association with "The Texas Torture Case" that my 78 year old mother and my 80 year old father have not taken one move to correct this horrible injustice prior to their death. Now the freedoms and lives of not just me but also of my Vietnamese wife and our two young kids are on the line due to the associated economic deprivation. I honestly was not certain if the entire US federal government and the supposed enlightened powers to be in the state of New York were going to do such a horrible thing around this type of junk case which is obviously a brutal human rights abuse case. While the US feds and state police here, who are making it clear with constant harassment and associated blacklists of my vital interests, that they have me under constant electronic surveillance and want to know what happened to me by not accepting such a case as credible I want to know in reverse what happened to their common sense and to the entire United States power structure and many other doctors for ever thinking I would. I was after all trained to follow my instincts and to be a humanist medical scientist, not a quack and barbarian, and so I have deep, deep regrets for having ever gotten involved with what has turned out to be the like-minded diabolically insane psychiatrists and psychologists who continue to arrogantly refuse to admit to their own shortcomings and serious mistakes in having dealt with me and I am sorry to see that far too many doctors involved in the practice of real medicine support this quackery and tyranny for a myriad of sadistic and illogical reasons. Anyway, keeping in mind that my parents have not been soley responsible for all of this and should have been given better advice from more enlightened doctors, lawyers and other members of society, nevertheless it is hurting me terribly now to see my own two young children suffer too with an uncertain future due to the associated economic devastation. And so I now feel I would have been much better off in this world if my parents had simply stayed out of my personal and career interests during my entire life. If they had stayed out of my affairs, including not interfering with my human right to choose the health care of my choice, there would be no psychiatric history and I would have simply started off life as a hard working honor student whom I am certain would have succeeded financially in many different areas. A lot of money is after all what we all need to secure our freedom, health and happiness and that of our children. It is one matter to have a father and mother who went the limit to help a son or daughter with their career interests in a healthy and productive manner and I must admit I envy how much easier life must be for everyone who has had that. And it is another matter however to have had a mother and father who by their own reckless behavior in dealing with abusive and ignorant psychiatrists and other abusive doctors have stolen so much of a son's achievements, potential and one life in this world. Clearly everyone who is not fortunate enough to have had great and careful parents to help them out in this world in positive and compassionate ways and who instead were careless with their lives and careers probably could have done much better in life if their parents had simply stayed out of their affairs! But, they are still my parents and I love them very much and will miss them when they die and I will also always miss what happiness we could have shared in life if not for the cancerous growth of insanity in our society which lead them down the wrong path in dealing with my life.

Wednesday March 3, 2010

As I struggle to help my family and I survive a brutal US government blacklist of my vital professional and financial interests right here in New York State now where I am a licensed physician I remain convinced the US government has the most ignorant and abusive mental health care policies in world history. I am still being dealt with at 55 years old and with and immigrant wife and our two young kids to care for as if I am suffering from mental illnesses I never suffered from because of the fixed civil brutality case from Texas from over 20 long years ago regardless of how many times and ways I have proven again and again that I do not and I have never suffered from bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. So I am finally convinced these disorders do not really exist and are used by the government and psychiatrists along with tyrants who are wealthier and more powerful than their victims to sadistically crush their careers and  lives. And now I am being told at this time in my life that part of the fixed case from Texas which is still being upheld in the hearts and minds of an increasingly sick government is that my father felt I was reckless to have spent some of his money back when I was just a college student visiting an old girlfriend in California and Hawaii. That is pathetic now with my immigrant wife's and our two kids lives on the line too and with me now not even knowing if that old girlfriend is still alive. I was told back than by my own father that he was making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as a stockbroker and that I was making a minimum of $50,000 a year in a discretionary account he supposedly had for me in his office. And I was told by my father it was his pleasure to have me do nice things in life such as visiting the islands and SCUBA diving as long as the family could afford those things which clearly I was told we could. But now I do remember my now very elderly father was pathologically obsessed about the girl I was dating out west whom I met while studying in Hawaii because she was Chinese/American. He used to call all of the time and asked me to please get rid of her. He apparently was not in favor of inner-racial dating and marriage which he often told me he felt would make it hard for my career and life to work out in this kind of world. So now I have images of the FBI painting some kind of weird profile of me as being in some manners obsessed with Asian women which could tragically hurt my marriage to my wife who is Vietnamese and the futures of our two kids. Well my answer to that is I was initially married to a Caucasian Jewish American princess who turned out to be a worthless tramp who ran on me and who made trash out of me and my entire life and career. And she was a psychiatric nurse so it figures! Furthermore, I now see nothing unusual about feeling the Vietnamese culture of my wife is an interesting part of our marriage and of the background of our kids. And so it is tragic the government and psychiatrists continue to clearly take the hypocritically flawed and painful position that the present poverty I am now being forced to struggle with is in some manner healthier for me and my wife and kids than prosperity. Furthermore, it is clear the US Department of Justice is made up of a group of highly sadistic psychopaths who uphold the tyranny of such frivolous civil mental health care court cases across state lines instead of investigating and prosecuting the responsible psychiatrists and other physicians even when it is obvious the target of such tyranny does not suffer from any mental illness, as in my case. Such cases are clearly used as a rational for torture and even literal murder by the US government and the psychiatrists. So, clearly even if someone may be suffering from some type of emotional illness such a case will only result in that person being tormented by their illness instead of properly helped. And so frankly I now feel there is no place in a civilized society for such sham civil mental health care court proceedings!  

Friday September 10, 2010

After all of these years I have come to realize the psychiatrists are such lousey doctors that they do not even practice their own terribly flawed discipline properly. And the other doctors, both inside and outside of the academic medical community, simply do not seem to care which implies psychiatry has been accepted by the orthodox medical profession as a garbage can for the lives of the medical profession's and societies mistakes. I suppose my ex-advisor from medical school who must have passed away by now, Dr Roy Clause, a German American banker turned psychiatrist in his 50s, would have been pretty upset by the revelations herein since Dr Clause was also my primary clinical professor of psychiatry at Jefferson Medical College where I received honors in my required clinical work and on my psychiatry exams. Yes, I still remember what Dr Clause taught me and what I studied in our texts, The Harvard Guide To Psychiatry and Sadock and Kaplans Textbook of Psychiatry,  and I have reviewed updated information over the years just as a physician who has been practicing this stuff all of these years even though my professional career has been largely wasted because of all of the mistakes and abuses in dealing with my own mental health and my own career. And in spite of the fact that I must admit in retrospect that Dr Clause was an excellent professor of medicine for someone who wanted to do well in their exams because he taught well, I am deeply sorry I fell for the propaganda of the psychiatry industry and allowed myself to fall into a psyhotherapuetic relationship with him when I was a medical student, for it appears it was knowledge of that among my so-called colleagues and so-called friends from Jefferson which rolled over into my being targeted by the same type of mental health care human rights abuses as I have spent a lifetime fighting to wipe out. I was interested in psychotherapy at the time because I was trained as far back as college in a humanistic school of thought which emphasizes using psychotherapy as a natural form of mental healh care support to assist people in self-actualizing their dreams and potential in life and moving ahead with that, not in holding them down with toxic drugs, strait jackets and court orders! In other words because I was planning to become a physician, training to be a physician and than became a physician I honestly and naively thought Dr Clause and all of the other psychiatrists in the United States and even overseas would want to help me with my career as a physician. I found out the hard way over the years however that the psychiatrists are all diabolically insane sadists who have no interest in helping anyone with anything! They simply feed off of the problems they themselves help create for everyone who sees them. Than they intentionally misdiagnose their victims with mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder knowing full well that due to the pseudoscientific nature of  psychiatric diagnoses it is actually impossible for anyone to prove their diagnoses are wrong. And their toxic arsenal of psychiatric poisons are used to mimic the mental illnesses they are supposedly being used to treat and worse. Things become even more treacherous with these leeches of society when they decide to move to crush criticisms of their damaging quackery with kidnappings to their mental hospital concentration camps, beatings, isolation chambers, and swift, fixed civil court orders with no juries and no sworn in testimony for psychiatric intervention before sadistic judges the psychiatrists work closely with daily.

Anyway, after all of these years here is my mental status exam which the psychiatrists now claim does not matter since it is me swearing this is true and they seem to think their ideas about my mind are more accurate with some type of crystal balls they seem to feel they have to look into people's minds: I am a conservative dresser. I do not support public nudity personally. I am reserved and careful about my sex life and ever since being married with two kids I have lead a monogamous sex life. I do not support illegal or risky sex for anyone. I do not and I have never suffered from auditory, visual or tactile hallucinations. I do not and I have never had suicidal or homicidal ideation or intent. I am a peace activist and I actually do not support the use of physical force unless in self-defense. I am not and I have never been disoriented to person, place or time. I often test my own intellectual capacity by doing online CME courses and other online academic and other types of writing and there has been no decline in my intellectual functioning ever since I earned honors in much of my work in high school, college and medical school. I am an emotional person and I have not felt any loss of the ability to feel emotions for other people and animals. I do not drink alcohol or use illicit drugs. In fact I do not use any drugs on a regular basis. Much earlier in life I experimented with only the occasional use alcohol and marijuana, although I never personally bought or sold drugs. I exercise for at least 30 minutes just about everyday. I eat well and take vitamin and mineral supplements, garlic supplements, and lecithin supplements daily. I drink several cups of green tea daily. I do not drink caffeinated coffee and I do not smoke cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. I generally feel relaxed and I meditate regularly. I have never had racing thoughts. I do not crave alcohol or drugs, in fact I do not like what they do to the body and mind at all. I sleep well in the evenings, sometimes with the assistance of mild herbal remedies which help people relax. And so I do not and I have never suffered from schizophrenia, major depression, or bipolar disorder as the grossly cruel and  incompetent psychiatrists have alleged without ever even having taken a proper mental status exam from me! 

And here is a press release of mine today: Press Release on Texas: Due to the unusually ignorant, abusive, and crooked mental health care system in Texas where unusually large numbers of sane social activists are kidnapped, beaten, and tortured by psychiatrists and where unusually large numbers of sadistic and crooked county judges legalize this tyranny along with the unusually incompetent and deranged Texas psychiatrists I do not recognize the legal right of Texas to exist as an independent state in the United States. Texas is a lawless terrorist state which I therefore simply do not recognize as a legal entity! And one might than say that since the federal government of the United States actually recognizes such sham abuse cases out of Texas as being legitimate than is this therefore not now also my true sentiments about the entire United States. Well, I guess so!

Saturday September 11,2010

The American federal agents and psychiatrists are sadistic psychopaths who keep insisting I have suffered from serious mental illnesses and that I do not deserve to earn a nice living based on allegations that when I was single over 11 years ago, before I had two kids overseas in Vietnam, that I saw a lot of women and that sometimes when they were poor I even gave them gifts to help them with their lives as asked for by some of these women. These chronically deranged U.S. federal agents keep badgering with these accusations via electronic surveillance and interference with assertions along the lines of "The dirty deeds were committed and so why try to prove you are mentally healthy now, it is too late!". Well, as I struggle to survive this tyranny by these clearly severely mentally unstable U.S. federal agents and American psychiatrists and as I watch my two young Vietnamese/American kids suffer too because of the associated cruel blacklists of my vital financial interests I must comment that I am therefore nothing more than an alleged sinner when much younger at times, while the criminal U.S. government which has been torturing me most of my life with false allegations of mental illness has been going around the world blowing up nations and murdering innocent men, women, and children with America's psychotic war machine in the name of America's hypocritically disturbed concepts about a proper world order as the terrorist U.S. government has ordered done all over this world for decades!

Tuesday September 28, 2010

Significant Cheating On FBI Exams The Associated Press has reported today that  a Justice Department investigation has found that FBI agents, including several supervisors, cheated on an important test covering the bureau's policies for conducting surveillance on Americans. Justice Department Inspector General Glenn Fine has said that his limited review of allegations that agents improperly took the open-book test together or had access to an answer sheet has turned up "significant abuses and cheating." For years I personally have been questioning why when I requested that the FBI investigate a snowballing series of psychiatric abuses directed against me by my own colleagues the FBI put heat on me instead of busting the responsible parties. This has resulted in unsual tensions between me and the FBI with associated intense surveillance, badgering, and blacklists of my vital financial interests along with the upholding of "The Texas Torture Case". I spent most of my adult life overseas, where I met my wife who is from Vietnam and where we had two children, because of all of this. Over the years I conjectured that the FBI agents must have upheld the abuses of the organized medical community in dealing with me because their agents must be as unethical as were my classmates in medical school most of whom used illicit drugs, abused alcohol, and cheated on their exams. I blew the whistle about all of this when they all began to turn on me when I mentioned cheating at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia while having lunch with Dr Lucky in Hawaii in 1980. I figured out the FBI had me wired because of the controversy surrounding my ultra liberal attitudes and criss-crossed my comments among my old colleagues who began to lie and insist I must be mentally ill to have talked about them in such manners. And so essentially most of my life has been stolen from me and I am under extreme duress at 56 years old with a foreign wife and two young kids to raise because the FBI is made up primarily of trash which shares the same unethical and brutal standards as all of the psychiatrists and far, far too many of the other doctors! This has all never had anything to do with mental illness!

Tuesday October 5, 2010

I have been living and working from the Liverpool/Syracuse region of New York state with my wife and kids for over a year now and our lives are at risk from enforced poverty in association with the false allegations of mental illness from Texas. I have been in shock about this because I did not antcipate that New York's doctors, businesses and state government would show the same lack of respect for a New York state medical license as the red necks in Texas. However, it just goes to show you that ignorance in dealing with mental health care issues wins out over everything else across the entire United States and in many places overseas too. I honestly do not think too much of myself in regard to my academic credentials as the god damned psychiatrists claim people suffering from what they label as bipolar disorder do. In fact I must confess I had to study and work long, long hours to earn Phi Beta Kappa membership at Dickinson College an MD thereafter and a New York state medical license. In other words although I was clearly gifted with a good deal of intelligence at birth I do not feel I am another Einstein in the world. I am just a hard working person with the capacity to always learn new things well when I commit myself to doing so.
And so it is ironic that my old neighbors from Pennsylvania, the Altman family, had something to do with all of this. Irv Altman I am told had trumped up reports from unconstitutional police surveillance that I was trying to have him busted by the IRS for supposedly cheating on his taxes as my old father often joked about. Well, just like my old father, who made a lot of money as a stock broker with the Altman family accounts, was just kidding around, so was I. In fact our families were so close when I was a young kid I used to call Irv Uncle Irv and his wife Aunt Lee. And Karen and Harry, their kids, used to call my parents Uncle Ray and Aunt Connie. Anyway, Irv is the one who had me sent to Texas after an early morning telephone call to Dr Edeiken at the advice of my father. I had stopped into Irv's home the evening before to see if he knew where my parents were, who were visiting the Florida Keys, and Irv and Lee invited me to stay over for the evening since I did not have the keys to my family's old home at the time. When I was kidnapped, drugged, and beaten in Texas I called Irv from a pay phone and asked him to please help me. He replied "tommorow" and hung up on me. The next day after being beaten up more, intimidated by being forced to sleep in a room with a homosexual by Dr Pearlman, drugged up with lithium and neuroleptics against my desires, and thrown face down in a strait jacket in isolation when I asked to be immediately released from Humana Hospital, I was hit with the swift, fixed civil case downstairs. It appears Irv went too far with a vendetta against me for having gotten involved with a Chinese woman from San Fransisco in college, Susan, instead of taking his daughter Karen out. Jolly Irv used to visit our family home when I was there and in fact he even visited me at Dickinson College once with he greeting "Hi Professor!". Irv, who died years ago from heart disease, was a Zionist and he often talked to me about Karen. I think he and Lee misunderstood what was going on. I never really had anything against Karen until all of this happened. It was just that she was like a sister to me instead of a lover type due to the family situation. And so it is not an accident I think that I could not get a medical appointment to a specialty training program here in the Syracuse region where Karen with all of her family's millions and millions of dollars behind her went to college. I guess Karen and Harry want to know if I think they should have felt some responsibility for this mess and if I feel they should have offered to help out with the associated legal and financial problems which have ruined my career and are ruining my family's lives now, and my answer is yes I feel they should have done that.

Tuesday November 23, 2010

I am in shock that after all of these years and with two nice kids to raise and their mom to help out I am still being dealt with as if I am suffering from bipolar disorder by the US government and potential investors in my interests and potential employers because of this case. I have worked for years to prove I do not suffer from bipolar disorder and I have written up my side of this story to show why I never did and yet because the trash psychiatrist in Texas, Pearlman, got away with fixing a swift civil case against me all of this does not seem to matter even here in New York state where I am a licensed physician and where I brought my family from Vietnam for a better life, not for a more difficult life as this is turning out to be. So let's go over some of this again with my feelings all of the psychiatrists across the USA should get out of mental health care due to the harm they cause by not listening to what their victims have to say. The psychiatrists do not even practice their already seriously flawed discipline properly. I could get another series of 90s on psychiatry exams based on the Harvard Guide to Psychiatry and Sadock and Kaplan's Textbook of Psychiatry now at 56 years old just as I did when I was a medical student, and I could therefore even pass the Psychiatry and Neurology Specialty Boards with a brief review without even having done a residency program in psychiatry and all of this does not seem to matter to the entire country because of that brief moment in court in Texas over 20 years ago at which time I was sick and frightened from being abused and drugged up. The psychiatric texts say people suffering from bipolar disorder have racing thoughts. I do not and never had racing thoughts, even after drinking caffeinated soda pop or some coffee. The texts also say people suffering from bipolar disorder enjoy public nudity, crazy clothing, and excessive, illegal and risky sex. I am a very reserved and almost shy person now just as when I was younger and I never even considered going naked in public. I am also a conservative dresser and I have never been involved in illegal, excessive, and risky sex, although it appears prior to the time I was married and had two kids the god damned US Department of Justice may have been successful in setting me up with some women in the USA and even overseas who may have been criminals! But that was them, not me! Why I must wonder did the government invest so much money in trying to make me out to appear to be mentally ill  by setting me up in such manners when I was younger! The texts also say people suffering from bipolar disorder feel they are extremely important people. I never felt that way about myself. I have always been just another person in this world working hard and struggling just to get along and to try to get ahead in life. The texts also say people suffering from bipolar disorder feel they are wealthy when they are poor. I am afraid I know very well I am very poor from all of this and I do not like the pain of enforced poverty at all. The texts also say people suffering from bipolar disorder are involved in credit card fraud scams, writing of illegal bank checks, and pushing frivolous business deals. I have never been involved in these activities and me and I suppose also the banks who have shown good faith in me by issuing me credit cards to help me and my family out in life do not appreciate me being pushed down so far financially, which could jeopardize the legal use of those credit cards someday. The texts also say people suffering from bipolar disorder make excessive early morning telephone calls. I do not even like speaking much on the telephone to tell you the truth, and  I never really did. I hardly ever use telephones in other words. Well this could go on and on but it appears the nations psychiatrists, including here in New York state where I have been crudely denied needed professional contracts, are tickled to death they have a civil case on record against me from Texas from over 20 years ago so nobody has to worry about doing anything right in dealing with me and my family! So the psychiatrists really have turned out to be pure trash!

Friday February 4, 2011

At 56 years old and with my two young children in grade school in New York now and my wife
under a lot of stress with me daily due to the financial devastation associated with the stigmatization which the government has carried over from "The Texas Torture Case" I am watching a long-term pattern of serious abuses unfold in shock. Everyone involved with this case including the government has maliciously and sadistically enforced the same pattern of serious abuses which lead up to and in the aftermath of "The Texas Torture Case". No matter how well I have proven I do not and never suffered from mental illness as alleged in Texas nobody seems to care. And so clearly psychiatry really is a cruel "Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death" based on pure quackery which has never had any intentions of humanizing itself and the medical profession is a trash profession which ties itself around psychiatry in order to cover for the horrifying sadism and incompetence of far too many non-psychiatric physicians too.  And clearly the US government has also joined in to use this brutal psychiatric weapon of destruction as a manner to enforce rigid reactionary controls on the society. I could have again completed a specialty training program in the several more years this has all wasted of my career since I came to the country with my wife and kids from Vietnam and so finally I quit even looking for new opportunities in the trash medical profession. This is all sad and horrifying and I am not certain what is going to happen to my family and I now.

Wednesday April 20, 2011

After all of these years as the brutal harassment and cruel blacklist of my interests continues in association with false allegations of mental illness from "The Texas Torture Case" I remain shocked that it has been leaked to me the FBI still does not accept my side of this story from as far back as high school since the two primary legal antagonists in this case, the late Dr Jack Edeiken and my own elderly father, keep insisting that I often complained of being tired at times around them as far back as when I was a teenager. And so even though I was an honor student from as far back as high school they have insisted something must have been wrong with me anyway, clearly in order to cover up for their wrong doing in dealing with my own life and career. This becomes even more unbelievable I must consider as I remember both of them being chronic cigarette smokers who used to puff their poisonous cigarette smoke in my face whenever I was around them. And today I have just reviewed a new research article which says even third hand cigraette smoke is very dangerous. And so it figures these same people put me down as suffering from the manic phases of my so called manic-depression which I do not suffer from when I made the terrible mistake of communicating with them how great I felt and how active my life was when I was studying and diving in the fresh air of the Hawaiian islands over the years. Clearly I was just getting healthier due to a lack of exposure to toxic cigarette smoke coupled with the other natural advantages of a Hawaiian lifestyle if you learn the nice places to go there. And yet the consistently incompetent psychiatrists who insist they should be respected as real doctors never even considered re-opening their witch hunt case against me with a consideration of credible medical explanations, such as exposure to cigarette smoke and an unhealthy diet, for such periods of temporary tiredness when I was younger. Well, as I struggle to survive all of this still I must nevertheless admit that I am not certain how my own two kids will survive all of this well due to the associated painful poverty we have been pushed into unless the cruel blacklist of my professional and vital business interests is lifted even though we have a 100% strict no smoking policy in our home. And yet our home is just a small apartment and sometimes smoke from the neighbors still bothers us. If my interests were not being blacklisted in such manners and if I had the money I deserve and need my kids would be living in a nice home as far away from polluted areas as possible set off by itself with a nice yard!

Thursday June 9, 2011

After all of these years the daily government harassment, organized public ridicule and harsh blacklist of my vital professional and business interests has continued in association with false allegations of mental illness because of "The Texas Torture Case". With two kids to raise and an immigrant wife to care for this has shocked me. I really did underestimate just how sick the United States is. In fact I have been told the government, psychiatrists, other doctors and others responsible for this abuse case have not liked what it seemed I was trying to say insofar as implying they are the ones who are actually insane. Well, at first I did not necessarily see things this way and I thought perhaps I was dealing with some honest mistakes. Not after all of these years however. Now I am certain what we have going on in a sicker than hell United States is criminally insane maniacs having a perfectly sane person and other perfectly sane people intentionally mislabelled as mentally ill and tortured.

The psychiatric abuse clique which has done all of this to my one life and career, and which has unfortunately included my two not so dear now very elderly parents, have clearly invested heavily in creating the most arrogant, abusive, destructive, and corrupt psychiatric system imaginable around all of this which is everything I studied so hard and have worked so hard my entire life against. It's really sad to see this happening and now to see a sick country which has proven it has no conscience also ruining the lives of my two young kids. I hope someday they will understand the truth about all of this and have the luck to come into a lot of money to avoid the same pain I am now going through with my wife and two kids from being pushed down into poverty in the USA because of these abuses. In fact I had to hold the tears back in my eyes when my 81 year old father told me he owns a nice home and a boat in Florida which I did not know about and I said my family and I could perhaps move in there and take over the expenses and take care of it for him instead of wasting more money on rent and he hung the telephone up on me. I stared for a moment at my two young kids who are suffering with my wife and I in a dusty little 2 bedroom apartment in central New York state. The place is not very nice. It was over 90 degrees today and the air conditioning has not worked for weeks. There are bugs all over the place. My son keeps getting horrible sinus conditions from the place. Both of my kids are very sad that they lack the privacy of their own rooms and a yard for a dog. And my wife almost died from an asthma attack earlier in the year which I am certain the dust in the apartment and the smoke from the neighbors helped set off. And of course I am not used to living so horribly. This is all part of the reason I left for Thailand years ago to live a better life in nicer places and eat better food on what little US dollars I can get now. And to go even further when I asked my old father if he would sign a letter for CitiMortgage for a guarantee for a home loan  and he said no what if he needs the money I realized he is so selfish still that my much needed inheritance rights are at risk. Now my two kids lives are on the line too. I would leave the country again, not to hurt them, but to help them have a much better life,. if they were not being brainwashed by the American propaganda machine into thinking they are better off in school here and if my wife would agree to move back overseas with them. The country is being hypocritical about this because they would be better off in middle class in southeast Asia than in poverty here in a sick USA would they not. Anyway, this has all proven hard work and even being blessed with intelligence has little to do with coming into a lot of money in a sick USA. It obviously takes a lot of luck and being around the right people and away from the kind of pure scum who have done this to me and my life.

Friday June 10, 2011

I am told the brutal manners in which my life and career have been taken down in association with false allegations of mental illness also has had something to do with some of the women and others who were in my life from as far back as high school prior to the time I met my wife. Apparently the US military and police have been behind ruining me to cover-up for their negligent behavior in dealing with stories by Lynda King in High School that a native Pennsylvanian by the name of Kevin who went to Grove City College and who was in the US Navy forced her to have fellatio with him in the bakc seat of his sports car, sometimes in front of his fraternity brothers. This has Lynda all screwed up about sex and I spent a lot of time serving as her personal therapist over the years in a relationship which never took off because of this problem in her life. I realized when later in life perhaps I should have advised Lynda to turn this guy into the Philadelphia District Attorneys office or into the State Attorney General in Harrisburgh to stop the abuses from unfolding. Than there was Lyndas sisters. Sandy and Joyce. Sandy at times cried to me about how Ronald Shaffer, who is not a multi-millionaire lawyer with a conservative Philadelphia law firm, date raped her in high school. Something has always been fishy about Ron's career. He did so poorly in high school due to his parents divorce that he had to start off as Montgomery County Community college. And he himself told me about his selling of qualudes in Philadelphia when he was a Villanova Law student and his adventures having black whores give him fellatio in a truck in Atlantic City for $20 prior to his clerking with a black judge, Nix. And so his old mother, Jerry's, political connections in the Democratic Party political machine were clearly a lot more powerful than I knew because there are Harvard Law school grads who can't land a high paying job like his with Fox Rotschild. Than there was Joyce, who is a pathologist I am told and who went to Jefferson too and who mysteriously did not do quit as well as I did in college and had to sit out a year before starting medical school. Joyce, I told me about having affairs with just about every professor at Tufts University when she was in college. I think the three King sisters and the men involved in their lives wanted all of this covered up. Than there was Dan Fishbein from back in high school who went to medical school in New York state and who I am told is filthy rich today. Dan had a pretty bad reputation with women in high school. I lost interest in every single woman I knew in high school when they told me each and everyone of them was conquered by Dan who started off by pushing fellatio on them. There was than my old girlfriend from my college years, Susan Lee. We met in Hawaii. I am told he FBI had me under intense surveillance all the way back than and did not approve of our sex life. That's unsual in a supposedly free country. And just recently I read in the text General Practice by Dr John Murtagh that young couples should be adventuresome with sex and use perhaps "The Joy of Sex" as a guide to be sexually healthy. Dr Murtagh is a conservative GP from Australia and Susan and I had the "Joy of Sex" back than as a matter of fact! I am also told when I was in Japan studying anesthesiology in the summer of 1978 two son-of-a-bitches from Jefferson,  Dr Mike Savage, who is now a filthy rich cardiologist, and Dr Dave Gastfriend, who is now a filthy rich psychiatrist, met Susan in San Fransisco and had kinky group sex with her or something like that. Apparently they kind of pushed themselves on Susan and than told her that I was sick in the head or something and that she should never speak to me or see me again. And after seeing her whenever we could see each other over five years all of the sudden we never talked again. This would mean Dr Savage and Dr Gastfriend are actually criminals who helped push intentional misdiagnoses of mental illness on me after this sexual encounter with Susan to cover for their irregular sexual conduct with her. I am told I was wrong to have even told them about her and obviously that is right I just did not stop to think of them doing that kind of thing. That was too bad for Susan who was already getting messed up at that time in her life with cocaine and I am not really sure what happened to her. She could be dead now I guess. That must have pleased my father who used to call me on the phone when I was at Dickinson five or more times a week and scream that I should "Get rid of that thing".  My father was obsessed with my taking out a Chinese woman and he kept insisting that just could not work in America. He drove me up a wall about that and I realized later in life his motives were cruel because he has pushed me into such a corner financially after ruining a medical career that he put me in that I suppose he wanted me alone in a little room in an institution or flop house my entire life. Things are so rough financially with my wife now because of all of this and the associated blacklists by the doctors and the government that I am not certain what we are going to do in the future. I am told my old father also has been getting even with me for saying "Leave me alone" when I was studying for my Organic Chemistry exams at Dickinson which was a rough course and which I was told I had to ace to get into medical school. But I used to call him and ask how he was doing after the exams were over and I went to the top of my class in that and all of the sciences and so I never really was certain what my father wanted from my life. There was also Angela Lynn when I was at Jefferson who cried to me that Dr Savage abused her physically and emotionally when they were dating. I never made a pass at Angela because of this. She had placed me in the role of a therapist for her and I guess maybe talking it out may have helped a little. I guess she should have taken legal action against Mike back than to help us all out in life. And of course just about everyone else I knew in college and medical school, including Peter Knight whose girlfriend Maggie was hooking at a massage parlour where Philadelphia judges hung out when we were in college, and David Nagel, Rick Feingold, Doug Hiller and others in medical school chronically abused marijuana and booze. Than there was Anita Henson during my medical school years who worked at the Plaza where I lived for a year. She was Japanese American and it was obvious the police contacted perhaps for my own father and asked her to check me out. She acted terribly strange about things and it was unusual having her bring me back to an apartment where she was living with a car salesman, Rob, whom I di not even know she was dating and where they had a lot of cocaine. So the police were in a double beind in dealing with her and also because her father was a captain in the US military who wanted this stuff with the cocaine covered up. And so between all of that and being exhausted from night call that affair died as fast at it started. Something similar happened with Tammy who was from Hong Kong whom I met at the Hyatt lounge in Honolulu years later. I thought she was just a conservative Chinese woman until she took her panties off in my apartment and said "If you come over here and have sex with me I will cry rape!". I believed her and realized the police had recruited her to set me up and I told her to get dressed and took her home. And the police really went to lenghts to set me up over sex even overseas. I now also remember the young Chinese woman who threw her arms around me and started kissing me when I stopped into McCDonalds for a sandwich when I was in Taipei. When she came back to where I was staying and took her clothes off I got sick in my stomach when I realized she may have been under 18 years old and trying to set me up for criminal charges and I asked her to please get dressed and date someone more her own age. And so it appears I have been dealing with an international police corruption and brutality case which came right out of my own native country of the USA due to the false allegations of mental illness. And there was Dr Richard Margolies in medical school who confided in me that he needed a lot of pull and big money to get into Jefferson after sitting out a year after Brown University doing LSD on Nantucket island with his blond girlfriend and how upset he was his dad, who made over $650,000 a year as a cardiologist in Pennsylvania used up his favors at Penn to put his brother in Penn. I think maybe about $50,000 to the alumni got his brother into Penn and another $50,000 got Rich into Jefferson. Mike was also always paranoid about the alumni connection angle what with mysterously five brothers who went to Jefferson when sometimes Harvard and Yale grads with good grades are rejected from all of the medical schools in the country. Than there was Dr Lucky in Hawaii who went to Medical College of Pennsylvania and ended up with  my position in Hawaii where we met as exchange students in medical school. Dr Lucky stripped down naked on Diamond Head beach at lunch time and ended up ruining me so bad when I took the bait and invited her back to my place for a quick affair that I am sorry I ever met her. I have discovered the psychiatrists are so messed up that I should not have been so ambitous as too rush through that short time with Nancy once it happened to get back to my post at UH for she started complaining the sex was like that with an adolescent kid and the psychiatrists apparently took her seriously when she told her side of the story to cover for herself and over the years took the position I should not have even bothered going to college, I guess because I was a Phi Beta Kappa and did better than most of them in college. It's hard to believe but it cleared if I had taken a suite room at the Hawaiian Village Hilton for the afternoon and called back to the department that my car broke down or something and missed the remainder of the day all of the psychiatrists in America may have never pulled their support from my career. Of course there was also the fact that Nancy was a blond haired blue eyed all American looking gal from southern California whom I think the FBI agents were angered I ever got near since after all she was their kind of woman! By the way I agreed the short consensual sexual interlude with her turned out adolescent in nature on her part too! Than there was my first wife, Susan Bendersky, who was a psychiaric nurse from Penn. If I knew what I knew about psychiatry than I would not have even asked her out. The government acts as if she had something to do with helping me get my medical license and my internship under my belt at ORMC the malicious manners in which the government supported ruining my career after our divorce. Well, actually I never would have known Sue had anything to do with mental health care or health care for that matter since she turned out to be a nymphomaniac who ran on me every moment she could get mysteriously sometimes with some of the psychologists and psychiatrists who helped take down my career. It was unusual to have a grown woman bring a psychologist she was working with to a disco with her to meet me on a Friday afternoon after work at ORMC. They looked very loving together! And Sue was a caucasian Jewish American princess. Dad finally got his wish, for she was white and Jewish after all and yet the bottom line is getting involved with her proved to be fatal for my interests because of this. Than there was the young woman from China I was married to for just one year overseas. Her name was Yuan. The marriage never had much of a chance with all of the financial pressures this was all creating and a US government associated blacklist of my career interests all the over the world including Japan. A Dickinson College grad with honors let alone also a medical doctor would have no problems at least earning a few thousand dollars extra a month in Yen yet just teaching English in Japan without such impoper US government slandar about my mental health following me around. This all sounds like a bit much for a guy raised in a small conservative community in Pennsylvania. Well, actually I never pictured myself with divorces and these kind of affairs when I was growing up. I figured maybe I would get married someday and raise two kids in a nice home like I was raised in. And it figures the psychiatrists and other doctors along with the US government say this must have all been due to mental illness. Well, not exactly. This is what happens when you get involved in a corrupt profession with an abusive  father yet who clearly put me into it knowing that and knowing he could sadistically manipulate my life with it. And this is what happens when you are on the run most of your life from false allegations of mental illness and a witch hunt by the "American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death" which clearly goes to work for the highest bidders. A corrupt US Department of Justice and a lot of other people had a lot to gain from ruining me with psychiatry and undermining my credibility because of their paranoia that I knew too much about the underside of things in dealing with them. And I never had enough money to buy the services of the trash psychiatrists who clearly were never working for me or I would be going to work this morning where I would have been going my entire life. I am certain if not for the psychiatrists themselves I may have missed just a few days of work a year my entire life just like back when I was in school instead of ending up broke and chronically unemployed with all of these nice credentials which I earned myself!

Thursday July 14, 2011

It has been coming through loud and clear from a tragically abusive US Department of Justice which has had me under 24 hour a day electronic surveillance which is also being used to dangerously badger me, in association with the legalized false allegations of mental illness from Texas over 20 years ago, that the US government and American psychiatrists along with  many other American doctors feel it is shocking after all of my years of studying to have taken the simple position that the answer to my so-called problem when these abuses all took off during my senior year of medical school in 1981 was that I simply needed a little rest, some sunshine, and a swim or a bike ride along with some good food and some serious advice to stay away from everyone who does illicit drugs and to stay away from alcohol permanently to get started in my professional career in a healthy manner. Well, as simple as that appears that is all that I ever really needed in my life including that advice about marijuana and other illicit drugs and alcohol  since every doctor and lawyer whom I knew back than who is successful and wealthy today were horrible influences on what I intuitively knew was actually best for me since they were all into illicit drugs and a lot of social drinking. And so I must almost cry out loud when I realize now as I struggle to determine manners to get enough money to secure the health and welfare of my two young children and my wife that the entire medical profession is really often garbage for simply ignoring basic common sense in such manners. I am than of course hit back by psychiatrists and other doctors that we have "science" after all to counter people like me who bring up the issue of "common sense" in such cases even though far too much of their research is completely fraudulent. And so I must respond that the creators of the English language may have been more intelligent than all of the scientists in the country for that is precisely why the term "common sense" is included in the English dictionaries, remembering by the way that I was an honor student in all of my sciences in college and my required clinical electives in medical school and that I could have and I guess I should have gone on to become a scientist instead of a medical doctor. Than again considering how corrupt the medical sciences clearly are in dealing with a chronically sick profession I am sorry I did not go on at the University of Hawaii to become an Oceanographer after my summer course there which I did very well in and which I enjoyed very much when I was in college.

Wednesday August 24, 2011

By arrogantly and brutally refusing to let up on the filthy lies and distortions of the truth surrounding my background coupled with daily harassment and a cruel blacklist of my professional interests a clearly trash US Department of Justice and the psychiatrists, whom they work closely alongside, are murdering me right in front of my wife and children. This is sad as I find myself fighting to survive on a day to day basis in what has become a chronically corrupt and sicker than hell USA which is driving me into credit debt for the first time in years. I went along with bringing my wife and kids to the USA from Vietnam for a better life, not for a far worse life, and so clearly I under-estimated just what a cruel fraud America has become in this era with the nations like-minded diabolically insane psychiatrists right at the heart of the framing of what has become the top human rights abuser nation in world history while always insisting to the world this simply is not true. And so this is why the greatest critics of psychiatry have been absolutely right to refer to psychiatry as "An Industry of Death" which should be permanently "Abolished!".  I am told as an aside that it has after all been the "people's choice" to set up such and ignorant and archaic mental health care system as exists in all 50 states and as passed into law by the state legislators. Well, that may be true in which case I am saddened by a realization that so many of my own countrymen are so chronically ignorant about the issues involved in this matter. This is not creating a very nice environment to raise my kids in who are already being forced to live in poverty instead of the great wealth I would have and deserve if not for the nations like minded diabolically insane psychiatrists and their supporters!

Tuesday November 1, 2011

It has been implied to me via badgering from the U.S. Department of Justice in association with continued false allegations of mental illness from "The Texas Torture Case" that it appears I have been exaggerating the horrible side effects I had from the drugs which I continue to insist I should not have been put on just at the genesis of my career which caused me to miss my contract in Hawaii, and thereafter which I was forced to take in Texas. It appears this is being said because some people observed me having some lucid moments in between the seizures, blackouts, nauseau, severe diarrhea, blurred vision and other painful and frightening sides effects which I had from the neuroleptics and lithium which I am actually certain should have never been prescribed for me. Well, perhaps the doctors and other people responsible for wanting me back on the same type of drugs which almost killed me would like to load me up with as many drugs as Michael Jacskon was loaded up on before he died. And Michael Jacskon had some very lucid moments just prior to his sad and tragically premature death at which time we was younger than I am now. He was just 50 years old and I am 57 years old. Also, I recently read about the devastatingly tragic premature death of Steve Jobs of Apple Computers at 55 years old. Steve Jobs was with his entire family on his death bed. Just a short time before his death he was seen in public fighting hard for his life as he talked up exciting new products he had recently put on the market from Apple. And until the last moment of his death he had lucid moments with his family. My point is it appears people often have some very lucid moments in between the pain and darkness which is bringing on death just as I had some lucid moments in between the time I was literally dieing from drugs back at the genesis of my career and thereafter in Texas. And I must therefore stop to wonder what kind of animals my own colleagues in the medical profession actually are to have insisted on blinding themselves to common sense when they refused to offer me my contracts back when I put all of this together and simply wanted to move ahead with my life and career if for no other good reason than at least for my two kids. The bottom line is this has all pushed me into poverty and that's painful for my family and I and I simply needed my career back to earn more money to help my kids out better in a world where everything in the last analysis comes down to economic advantage when the competition gets keen.

Thursday May 12, 2012

After all of these years I have been in shock that everyone responsible for masterminding "The Texas Torture Case" is still lying about everything. And so everything I worked for and accomplished my entire life has been shattered by all of this. And I have been in New York State for a few years now with my two kids and my immigrant wife and it could not be clearer for everyone from right in the state I am a licensed physician in that I have not been lying about my mental health and that I simply do not suffer from any of the mythical diagnoses of the like-minded diabolically insane psychiatrists. Furthermore, the point of the right wing, red neck fanatics in Texas who dragged me drugged and beaten into a sham mental health court proceeding over 20 years ago that such settings are for people who are otherwise headed for jail does not make any sense to anyone here either. Headed to jail for what? As usual I have absolutely no criminal tendencies and I have not seen psychiatrists or taken the psychiatric poisonous drugs which were supposedly prescribed to control such alleged tendencies in me since I left Texas over 20 years ago. And yet because the FBI and U.S. Attorney Generals office appear obsessed with upholding these type of sham cases across state lines for a lifetime all of my vital professional and financial interests remain blacklisted and I am very concerned about my family's future as we suffer together in the poverty we have been pushed into because of all of this. What this means to me is that the United States has been turned into a junk Psychiatric Terror State by the psychiatrists themselves and the U.S. Department of Justice and that the U.S.A. is therefore actually the worse fraud in the history of mankind!

Sunday May 20, 2012

After all of these years as I continue to fight the injustices associated with "The Texas Torture Case", not just for myself, but also for the sake of my wife and our two children and the tens of millions of other victims of psychiatry, it has been brought to my attention that a critical explanation of a serious matter has been left out of my story by police sources. In spite of our seriously strained relations because of all of this, which has unfolded into U.S. government brutality, while being kept under intense electronic surveillance the FBI and police sometimes leak some information to me regarding their views of this matter.

Anyway, back when I was a medical student at Jefferson in the 1970s I befriended a wealthy native Pennsylvanian whose family has been well connected at Jefferson Medical College for generations, by the name of Dr Mike Savage. I felt we had a lot in common at the time insofar as our shared interest in the medical profession and as an aside also our shared intense interest in women. Our friendship fell apart it appears due to disputes about how my career and mental health issues were handled at Jefferson. It has also been rumored to me that back in our medical school days Dr Savage and a friend of his whom I also knew back than, Dr David Gastfriend, may have had sex with my old girlfriend, Susan Lee, during a visit to San Fransisco. My long affair with Susan had fallen apart because of the demands of medical school. She had cried when I was accepted to medical school because her parents told her that would ruin our relationship because I would be held back from earning money for too long in my life. Anyway, even though Susan, a Chinese American woman, and I kind of grew up together after we each graduated from high school and after we met in Hawaii, I am not certain any possible affair between her and my old friends at Jefferson should have any relevance to all of this. After all I am married with two kids now and if my relationship with Susan fell apart due to medical school earlier in life, well than that's simply what happened. Sure, the medical profession turned out to be trash and I am very sorry I did not listen to Susan and her parents about all of that, Ida and Moe, and her brothers, Terry and Boo, but I guess I was brainwashed about the entire medical school thing. And anyway, not only my wife, My Dung, but also our two kids Christopher and Katherine, are real parts of my story now and so that's just the way the cards fell.

Back when I was younger I was a Zionist. I had visited Israel in high school and I got into the cause of the Israelis. When my entire career and life began to fall apart at Jefferson from the cheating scandal and associated false allegations of mental illness, I thought it was fishy that Mike was beginning to behave so strangely in his dealings with me and I got the feeling he might be an anti-Semite. This all blew me away that my entire lifetime of hard work to become a physician was falling apart just at the genesis of my career with such unsual false allegations of serious mental illness for someone with my background and I thought about checking this out. Years later when I was travelling overseas to get away from being pushed around during the genesis of my career over all of this, hoping this would all blow over someday, I stopped into the Israeli Embassy in Singapore and handed a note to the Israelis asking them to check out if Dr Mike Savage was an anti-semite and left the handling of that matter in their hands. I could not believe I was essentially living on the road in exile overseas with a shattered career at such a young age and I wanted to get to the bottom of all of this. Understanding that there are generally life terms in federal prisons in the United States for people who actually plan to have anyone killed in this country, I think it should be made clear that is not what I did. I never planned to have anyone killed. And so I never actually broke the law. Allegations otherwise make it appear I stopped into a terrorist camp overeas instead of the Israeli Embassy. And by the way I am the one who was a target of attempts to be killed overseas and in the country on several occassions, and I am not certain why or who may have been behind this. In Singapore and Macau I barely survived being poisoned, in Japan I had to run fast to beat an attempted hit and run and one attempt at poisoning, and in Texas I had to call the police over a cook from the Holiday Inn who followed me down the street with a knife.

When the sick Jewish psychiatrist in Texas, Dr Theodore Pearlman, sold out the truth in my story for his profit and due to his sadism and gave me the ultimatim that "If you do not like the way you are being treated here than convert," and when no Jewish special interest groups moved in to help me for years and years after this I came to the conclusion I was dead wrong to be a Zionist earlier in life and that there was nothing special or chosen about the Jewish people. I considered Christianity due to the many Christian friends I had over a lifetime, but nevertheless chose Buddhism to convert to due to the large influence Buddhism has had on me in Asia. As for Mike, it has come through channels that he insists he is not an anti-Semite and so for that allegation I am very sorry even though I happen to not be Jewish myself anymore. Still, I have had many lingering questions about why he and his friends turned on my career and issues dealing with my mental health over the years, and I presume the cheating scandal at Jefferson, not anti-Semitism, must have been at the heart of this matter.

Tuesday June 26, 2012

I have been reading a lot about the negative health consequences of exposure to secondhand cigarette smoke for the online reporting I have been doing. I think from a scientific perspective it is imperative to point out that my dear old father, who was primarily responsible for having me see psychiatrists because he apparently did not feel I was highly energized around him at times, used to be a chronic smoker, along with his friend, Dr Jack Edeiken, both of whom blew their cigarette smoke in my face when we were together. Things were so bad with my father and Edeiken's addiction to smoking they used to actually smoke Camel non-filters at times. Edeiken ended up dieing from lung cancer in Texas. And my last half of my senior year of medical school I lived with my family and I was exposed to cigarette smoke around the clock at the time. That was when I was first catastrophically misdiagnosed with schizophrenia which rolled over into the second erroneous misdiagnoses of bipolar disorder.

I have tried again and again to turn the psychiatrists back towards medical science with requests they work with me on a real scientific analysis of how someone with a background like mine could end up in poverty with such a wasted career with a wife and two kids to raise. I have offered to work with them to bust my own case wide open and publish it in the American Psychiatric Journals and maybe JAMA and the New England Journal of Medicine. I offered to do this with them if they would simply work with me with the right support system to get back to work in mainstream medicine before I am too old to do so. But what I have discovered is pathetic ,that when a case like this is taken to court as it should not have been in Texas, nobody really cares anymore about scientific progress, humanity, good research, or doing the right thing. It's as if the judges in such civil court settings insist they saw everything there is to see in a momnet under an electron microscope flashing before their eyes during the brief testimony.

So what really happened to my health, why I was at times a little under the weather, the fact that I really never suffered from schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, the fact that I was sick from exposure to cigarette smoke and at times poor nutrition, does not matter to anyone now that the country has its court case under its belt. I fully understand how important law and order is when it comes to dealing with terrorism, rape, murder, robbery, kidnapping, online crimes, and other serious crimes, but I would like to know with the U.S. Department of Justice ruining my life and career around the clock because of a clearly fishy case from over 20 years ago in Texas, what does my situation have to do with any of that hard crime stuff! This leads me to take the position that in the absence of such serious criminal misconduct tried in proper courts of law with juries of 12 the U.S. Department of Justice should stay out of mental health care!

October 1, 2012 

I wanted to clear up a very serious misunderstanding about my two elderly parents while they are still alive. In this story I said they had become cruel parents. But I feel it was not properly understood that what I meant is that the diabolically insane psychiatrists fed them with misinformation and had them do cruel things which was never at all like them. That's the way the trash psychiatrists do things. Actually, my parents were the greatest parents in the world when I was growing up and they have always been unusually warm people. If not for the psychiatrists my entire family would have been a warm, close and wealthy family throughout my entire life. They are very old now, in their 80s, and when they die I will miss them so very much. They always meant well. Who I will always hate, however, is the psychiatrists for ruining my life and career with abuses and for hurting my relationship with my dear old parents in so many ways. If the psychiatrists had even an ounce of humanity in them they would have given everyone the right advice and told them to remain a close family all of the time at all costs since the most important thing in the world is family. Instead, the psychiatrists worked hard to break down my life and my family to try to feed off of me, and that is pathetic. And if the psychiatrists had an ounce of humanity and common sense in them they would have worked with me each step of the way on my career and never, never thrown it away after all of those years of hard studying and all of that money which was invested in my education, in which case I would have been wealthy and able to help my dear old parents out and my entire family out.

It's not my parents I hate. They are after all simply victims of the "Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death". It is the psychiatrists I hate, and they are simply lucky I suppose that I am a peace activist who does not believe in harming people or in organizing other people to harm people! What has become perfectly clear from all of this is that there was no excuse for the civil case in Texas from a legal or psychiatric perspective. Everything about this case, and as a matter of fact everything referred to as "psychiatric" in dealing with me
by any psychiatrists, has been based on 100% lies as the psychiatrists rallied together to cover for themselves.

And what is very sad about all of this is that it has cleared this is what psychiatry is all about and the US government endorses this tyranny. It is just a brutal weapon of destruction which the psychiatrists implement whenever they feel they can get away with doing so for large profits. And the U.S. government clearly thinks this is a nice way to order the society in order to cover-up for society's fall out, which essentially makes a complete fraud out of the U.S.A. where at anytime for no good reasons at all the psychiatrists may move to arbitrarily steal anyone's legal rights and they are often very successful in doing so, with a free for all thereafter as they literally beat, drug and torture their victims to make them as sick as possible in order to feed off of them. Yet, the psychiatrists keep insisting they are just like other doctors, or what I refer to as "real" doctors practicing real medicine, which is the biggest joke in the world. The practice of psychiatry has nothing at all to do with real medicine, real science, or proper mental health care prevention and treatment! The psychiatrists are trash who use their medical credentials as a front for their tyrannical quackery. What they are essentially doing when they get their hands on someone is experimenting on them like mad scientists who decide to push rats in a cage to their breaking point and until they finally die. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi physicians would have been proud of all of this eras psychiatrists, and this pathetically includes the Jewish psychiatrists!  And when crimes of this nature have been so pervasive for so long there is no room at all for forgiveness or reforms. Psychiatry should simply be completely abolished under the laws of every nation in this world and the psychiatrists should be tried and convicted of crimes against humanity in every country in the world.

January 25, 2013
There has been a lot of heated controversy in my life due to my blasting of the US government and psychiatrists in regard to "The Texas Torture Case". In that regard I must admit that my old girlfriend, from all the way back when I was in college, Susan Lee from SF, was actually a really good girlfriend and a good personal friend. After all she cried out loud when I was accepted to Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia and begged me not to go to medical school. She didn't like doctors much at all and suspected medical school would ruin my life and our relationship. And her old father, Mo, who was really a nice guy, told her doctors often keep other doctors from earning a living and we could starve if I went to medical school. Well, I am not even sure if Susan is still alive at 56 years old, but here's to her with fond memories and deep regrets I did not take her advice more seriously. In retrospect she was really a vibrant and nice person and was actually the first woman I was deeply involved with. In fact she was actually the only other woman I was actually involved with until I got married. I have generally been very conservative and careful about actually getting involved with too many woman in my life. That's just the way I was raised. But, than again when I was a young man I was literally brainwashed about the medical profession by the very same doctors and their associates who masterminded "The Texas Torture Case"! This is all too bad for my wife, My Dung, who is from Vietnam and who apparently didn't understand I was telling her the truth about how such filthy injustices do in fact exist in the United States and that psychiatrists along with other doctors are at the heart of these injustices. Well, I think my wife has been the victim of another type of brainwashing, dealing with what's really going on in the United States, because now our two kids too are paying a high price for all of this ever since we came back to the USA and the US government has refused to cut out the badgering and blacklists associated with "The Texas Torture Case" from over 20 long years ago. I never heard of moving from a decent middle class lifestyle in one region of the world to end up in poverty in the United States, which is what has happened since we came from Southeast Asia to the United States! This just isn't the way things were supposed to be in the so-called land of justice and opportunity here in the USA! 

February 2, 2013

I got word that my old father died in front of my mother at their place in the Florida Keys last evening. I will always remember my father from when I was a kid growing up and he was always the person I admired the most in this world. We had some great times together fishing, working on business interests and well just hanging out together. In the final years of his life we had far too little time together and that really was the fault of the scum psychiatrists who maliciously and sadistically ruined everything the two of us worked so hard together for. I cried a lot when my father died. And so you see it is my feeling as I tried to clarify in this story that my father, and my mother, were victims  of "The American Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death" who were conned, lied to, bullied around, coerced and even threatened at times to back up the brutal quackery, gross incompetence and shocking brutality of the trash psychiatrists who all along have been working together to cover-up for their own gross retardation in their dealings with me. Until the day I die I will remember that aside from stealing everything I had worked so hard for over a lifetime from me, the psychiatrists stole my own father from me too, and I will continue to work hard and pray daily that the world wises up and abolishes psychiatry and throws all of the psychiatrists in high security prisons where everyone of these animals belongs.  As for any other medical doctors and nurses and anyone else in society who happens to support the criminally insane psychiatrists, they happen to belong in the same cages with the psychiatrists!

February 15, 2013

And now like the savages they are the psychiatrists are stealing my dear elderly mother from me right in front of my eyes. I have never in my entire life seen a conservative, loving American family, which has had so much to offer, so totally devastated by psychiatry. As I try to learn to cope with the pain of all of this at middle age and try to help my two young children learn to cope with our mortality, rest assured that I now hate the psychiatrists more than ever. They have proven the only thing they respect is how much they can profit from the pain and suffering which they inflict upon other people. I suppose I am lucky I was raised by such a loving family which taught me to never use force and violence to get even with people for such injustices and that I was born with a peaceful disposition which runs in our family line, or perhaps I would have actually turned into another headline story of a killer on a rampage to get even with the psychiatrists by killing as many of them as possible before they finished me off. They clearly place no value on human life so who cares about their lives. However, I am not a killer and I am not going to kill anyone over all of this and I do not endorse anybody doing so. However, I really do finally understand the type of intense internal hate which must drive the terrorists. And, clearly, thank god the psychiatrists have not been able to get their hands on me again to change my normal brain chemistry and turn me into a killer with their toxic arsenal of poisonous drugs. Perhaps now more people are taking my warning signs about psychiatry seriously. 

I cried a lot when my father died. I have already shed a lot of tears as I watch my mother fade slowly before my eyes. We lost so much time in this world which we could have shared together because of the "Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death". When my mother dies I will cry hard again. I hope the Dalai Lama and Buddhists are right and that they will both pass onto a nicer existence now. They each deserve only the best for eternity

In the meantime I pray things will improve for my mother now and that she will be able to enjoy more healthy years in front of her. 

April 4, 2013

                       Dedication to the Memory of Raymond Mandel

I dedicate my professional work to the memory of my father, Raymond Mandel, whose death at 82 years was devastating. My father was very influential in my getting a good education, which he always deeply respected. And my father was always very interested in the provision of high quality and ethical general health care and mental health care and encouraged me to always commit myself to only the highest standards in the pursuit of my medical work. Also, as one of the most successful stockbrokers in the United States my father also had a deep appreciation for how vital money and a consideration of the proper handling of money is to the health and welfare of us all. And, my father and I shared a love of nature. Whenever we spoke we shared thoughts about the beauty and health giving properties of the sea or just taking a nice walk in the countryside. My father's spirit will always live on in this world which he personally always worked so hard to make a better place for his family and for others. My elderly mother, Constance Mandel, who has survived my father, has also always been a very loving person who has likewise always served as an inspiration for my professional work.

It will always remain a tragic loss and very sad how the like minded diabolically insane psychiatrists devastated such a loving family. Now, it is impossible to recover what the psychiatrists  have stolen from me and my family and I pray that a movement to boycott psychiatry, to abolish psychiatry and to lock up all of the psychiatrists in their own cages will gain momentum across the USA and worldwide! 

April 25, 2013

Open Letter to Various California Law Firms:  

To whom it may concern,
Understanding statue of limitations problems I would like your firm to please search for a manner to sue Dr Theodore Pearlman, a psychiatrist, who has offices in Houston, Tx and Irvine, Ca, for a minimum of $20 million in damages for me.

I was planning to be a holistic physician in California before this animal ran me out of the state due to false allegations of mental illness associated with a swift, fixed civil case from Texas in 1990. My California license (C42000) even lapsed because of Pearlman when  I found myself living on the streets of Hong Kong fighting to find enough money for some bread and water in China when he literally ran me out of the entire country with his falsified police reports.

My family finally sent me enough money to eat and make my way back into civilization when I went flat broke from being blacklisted because of Pearlman. In 1990 I was lured to Houston from my hometown of Phila by Pearlman, who wanted my outspoken mental health care reform initiatives crushed. I was kidnapped, beaten, drugged and hit with a 90 day court order for outpatient Rx in a swift, fixed kangaroo civil court proceeding before Judge Scanlan, even though I have a clean criminal record. And all along all qualified, independent medical and legal counsel have confirmed I do not and never suffered from bipolar disorder, as Pearlman says I do, or from any mental illness. 

I am legally licensed to practice medicine here in New York, but I can not get a University specialty appointment because of Pearlman's case, and I am having a real hard time earning a living with a wife from Vietnam and our two kids to care for. In fact nobody will offer me a regular job to earn any extra money to keep my family from falling into hundreds of thousands of dollars of credit debt.  

The New York lawyers can't touch Pearlman because his offices are in Tx and Ca.
If he were here perhaps I could have it arrested. Please let me know if you can come up with any cause of action to stop Pearlman and get a large financial damages reward from it since the damages from his abusive intervention into my life are continuing daily, even after all of these years. 


Harold Mandel, MD 

December 31, 2013

The organized orthodox medical community across the USA has overall proven to be the most corrupt and brutal medical community on the planet which works with psychiatrists to enslave, torture and murder perfectly sane activists, who are generally, but not always, poor! God help my soul if some of the maniacs in the American medical community who support such atrocities ever get their hands on me again. Their slow murder of me in retaliation for my whistle blowing is already painful enough, as I struggle daily to help my immigrant wife from Vietnam and our two kids survive here in New York, USA. Frankly, although of course there are problems in the socialist system of Vietnam , I think finally the USA has proven it is a far more inhumane and unjust country. I fear I made a big, big mistake bringing my family to this sick country. We had a much more wholesome life with a much brighter future from our small, but nice, place in Ho Chi Minh City! The Vietnamese police, doctors, business community, and even military offered a lot friendlier place for our family! But than again I would be told by corrupt American capitalists, what about better economic opportunities in the USA! What better economic opportunities! The USA is making us go broke 24/7 intentionally and I am worried in 2014 the country may blow out my credit cards and throw us out in the streets! 

May 14, 2017

My dear old father has been dead for years now. I lost my mother last year too. I had a chance to see my parents as often as possible prior to their deaths. When we looked into each others eyes we each could not seem to understand how all of the tragic mishaps which occurred in our lives because of psychiatrists happened. They after all were told to blame some horrible illnesses which it became clear I never had on all of this and I was told to blame them. The abuses have continued on a daily basis with US government badgering and blacklists of my vital professional interests ever since the day they each died. Am I therefore supposed to still think my parents were responsible for all of this? 

This is the type of thing the Nazi government of Adolf Hitler did to people and families with medical doctors. Families were torn apart and mothers and fathers were told their children would have to be disposed of and children were told their parents would have to be disposed of. All along it was the government of Nazi Germany just like it has been the government of the USA which manufactured all of this with criminally insane psychiatrists and other criminally insane doctors to feed massive torture and killing machines. This is what my own country has turned out to be. The only primary difference has been the Nazis targeted primarily Jews and in the American system of psychiatric tyranny many Jewish psychiatrists and many Jews in other walks of life have helped the government create this system of mass enslavement, torture and extermination of people with medicine, law and psychiatry.

It was never actually my own parents who did all of this is what has cleared up. It has been a sick government and sick doctors which thrive off of tyranny. Nobody in the government or professional community has extended apologies to me for having had me kicked around after I became doctor even though my clinical work was of good quality and rated well, which has left me blacklisted from specialty training and suffering horribly financially with my two teen kids to raise. It's just about impossible to earn a good living as an American physician without specialty certification, unless you are filthy rich and can afford to build your own clinics and hospitals. This is all very sad and bigger than you may think with what is actually a criminal US government working aggressively with the diabolically insane American psychiatrists to feed off of stealing scores of lives of perfectly sane, law abiding and well educated activist men, women and their children, as has been done to me. Insofar as those who could perhaps benefit from humane mental health care, obviously their lives are brutally wasted too with no opportunities ever given for them to realize mental health and their true potential in life in this cruel system!  

May 15, 2017

When a nation that insists it stands on a morale high-ground as a civilized nation in the international community turns loving family members against each other, wastes lifetimes of hard work, careers and fortunes for no good reasons at all, and does not even show respect for the dead, well than we all know anything is possible in this world. Ignorant brutes are being given prestigious jobs and are being paid a fortune to implement the tyranny of the "American  Psychiatric Industry of Enslavement, Torture and Death" while the generally mild mannered, peaceful, well educated targets of this treachery suffer on the fringes of society with their children. This all represents extremes of man's inhumanity towards his fellow man which I have had to endure firsthand. This story has been unbelievable as it sets new standards for legalized barbarism in this world. It is everything I never wanted to believe was possible about the USA or this world. And yet one thing is for certain about this story, it is true. God help mankind!   

End for now!

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